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The Way The Media Is Covering “The Bridge” Tells You It’s Very Important, and They Lie Continously

stock here: Every MSM is pushing total BS, known mis-truths. “At the mercy of the currents” what total hogwash, it’s beyond shameful.


Here is one of the arseholes pushing the narrative: note crooked nose


By Rich Schapiro and Jon Schuppe

The Dali cargo ship was cruising away from the Port of Baltimore when its lights suddenly went out just after 1:24 a.m. Tuesday.  

The Singaporean vessel, which stretches nearly 1,000 feet long, had apparently lost power. It was now effectively rudderless and at the mercy of the currents.

“The worst sound you ever hear on a ship is dead silence, because that means everything’s gone wrong,” said Salvatore Mercogliano, a maritime expert and historian. 

Four minutes later, the Dali crashed into the Francis Scott Key Bridge. The 1.6-mile span crumpled into the harbor within seconds. Six construction workers who were filling potholes on the bridge remain missing.

Video of the ship, emergency radio transmissions and analysis from maritime veterans paint a picture of a disastrous scenario. It is rare for ships of that size to lose power and rarer still for it to happen in a narrow channel near the pillars of a major bridge. A last-minute mayday and quick actions on the ground most likely averted a much higher casualty count.

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