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I Got The Boat Word Out First, Now It Is Becoming Common Knowledge, Boat Made Rapid Turn to Hit the Pylon

stock here, lots of stories on Bitchute,

This is a new video, better quality, little different angle, we can use it to determine the track of the Boat as it comes into view.

Here it is in 8X speeded up, makes it hard to not see the huge turn it took.

Why cant people watch the video and stop believing garbage… the video seems not to be CG, we have to assume to trust the video…
1. there is no engine smoke when the electrical goes out as the ship seems on course.
2. electrical is cut and immediately the rudders begin to turn the ship to the bridge.
3. electrical comes back and the port engine is started and set to full thrust which power-turns the ship to hit the bridge.
4. electrical is cut again which does not kill the diesel port engine so turn continues for impact.
5 electrical re-established, diesel port smoke stops, rudder is turned so ship heads strait for bridge support. Ship begins to turn back towards course, but too late and impacts bridge.

Just watch the video and you don’t have to speculate… This is like all the sheeple who watched “Building 7” implode without a jet hitting it… (no go zone, dont think about it)

The ship was powered towards the bridge. https://www.bitchute.com/video/NymjyUJLupg6

Here is another video, with no time stamp, but one could use it’s own second counter to compare to the top best video with on screen time shown.

3 replies on “I Got The Boat Word Out First, Now It Is Becoming Common Knowledge, Boat Made Rapid Turn to Hit the Pylon”

Yeah man! I was going to chime in
here on your other thread right away
when seeing this video.
Asymmetrical Warfare, anyone?
When you consider the shutdown of
the Baltimore harbor backing up ships
and trains, billions of dollars per day
of activity.
I first gave a grunt and thought of Bond,
meestah Double-Oh-Seven, when
hearing of Singapore registry, but have
to admit the heathen Chinee can and
will and do infiltrate everything like
our Congress and Courts etc. so why
not a relatively simple mission which
inflicts tremendous years-long damage
to the economy, military readiness, and
highlights our USA total lack of
resilience, devolving into shit with just
a little nudge.
Thanks again Stock! Great work for all of our enlightenment!

Did you notice too that seconds before the impact the boat appeared to move away from the Pylon, but too little too late, as if one of the local pilots required by law to be on boat saw too late and tried to correct the rudder. And why haven’t these pilots been name and interviewed?

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