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Baltimore Infrastructure Attack. Confirmed. This Was No Accident

stock here: spent a few hours on this last night, using Google Earth to help me identify cranes in the background, and the support structures on the bridge and precisely where they are at. It was quite the back and forth effort, that I wanted to take a fresh look in the morning to be sure I wasn’t jumping to conclusions. That review is done and here is the report:

The Dali was running fine, traveling along the prescribed path, which apparently is real time tracking of all major ships that Mavens like Sal Mercofliano follows and interprets. Left chart below. Here also is the boat just before it starts to make a 40 degree hard turn.

Got it so far. These big ships don’t turn on a dime, it is very hard to get them to turn quick. Full rudder was not enough, as I have covered in the past. On a right hand screw propeller, if you jam it into reverse the forces created by the propeller, not only slow the boat but push the Stern (rear of boat) to the left….creating a tighter turning ability. That is what they did and they labored the diesel engine at 100%, hence the heavy black smoke. I covered this in “Boat Physics” here:

Look at the angle they finished up at. This is the result of their hard turn to Starboard (right) when they waited until the last minute to leave the center of channel and head to target. The complete lights flashing off was to dis-orientate that crew that weren’t in on “strategy” and to provide plausible deniability that this was just an accident.

Noted: all the gov talking heads and MSM immediately came out with “this was not a terror attack”, before any of the facts were established. And note that none of them were showing the video of the huge turn and the belching black smoke. Notice also that there is no report of the port anchor being found on the bottom. Although there was much after action chatter about mapping the whole bottom with sonar, and plans to extract the bridge pieces. But anchor was never mentioned, listen to what they are not saying….is my motto.

Here is the Coup d’etat. Using Google Earth and much angularity math using the known size of the boat, I was able to establish the background cranes (go on Google Earth, look at it yourself), the rough Observer (camera) position, and position of the Boat when the final plot was put into action. This exactly matches my day after findings that the Boat made a very quick 40 degree turn. That post was here:

And here is the Grand Finale: They stayed in the middle of the proper channel until the last minute, then simulated power outage to throw everyone else on the boat “off”, dealing with their own emergencies as the chief pilot threw the boat into 100% throttle reverse, and full Starboard rudder. They knew exactly what they could get away with, meaning they had practiced this. They were cooking down the channel pretty hot at 8.5 knots, because they knew they would bleed off some speed in the 1.5 minutes or so, to make the big turn. The thick black smoke indicates they were running full throttle and too rich of an air fuel mix. And of course the decrease in speed shows they are in full reverse, and the amount of speed they were able to bleed off in just minutes shows full throttle reverse. Reports were that they hit at about 7 knots. Any “captain” with an IQ about 50 would know that it is better to just drift through the passage, rather than trying reverse. Sorry even in the heat of battle no Captain or Pilot would get this wrong.

And here are just some in process graphical tools I used

Note how they make it look so narrow, its not.

Google Earth Pylon View

8 replies on “Baltimore Infrastructure Attack. Confirmed. This Was No Accident”

I can see the Collective Entity with dementia patient as their puppet, will “release” 200B to rebuild Infrastructure, every big project gets 10% for the big Guy and 20% for the leftists in USA and elsewhere.

Yes, they wanted not just to make sure that no one stopped them, but also that had a plausible claim to an accident. Then that lady who went on air stating that her frozen containers were tripping circuits on the Boat. That seemed odd to me at the time, having people dead, and having someone make a statement that if true, would be better saved for an investigation. Who knows.

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