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Final of 3 Posts, My Response to “Group Think” Relatives Emails

stock — I often copy an entire post. To keep from happening what happened here. The guy got kicked off Facebook, or at least was forced to remove his article. I searched and he is not to be found on Facebook, either never learned about a “burner phone” or was just sick of Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=fred%20ethan%20weiss%20

Maybe I will email to him.


“me” here, A great way to share is with links to “the juice” the real information, or at least the real source.

The author seems to be legit and accredited.   


and here is apparently, his, Facebook post.   Kind of odd just 3 posts, just saying.   If I never did Facebook, I wouldn’t put something important out on Facebook.


OK enough for tonight, I will throw this out there……

  1. Vaccine is far away
  2. Vaccine for SARs, was never developed in to mass production, because it was found to be worse that the “disease”
  3. The only win I see is “herd immunity”.     And it is best that the young get this.

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