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EMP or CME on PV Solar Panels, Still a Wild Card

stock here: I do have a few panels stored inside a faraday cage (actually a cloth), and some MPP, and charge controllers….small stuff. But something is way better than nothing.

Quick statement from AI, I agree with it.


CAN YOU research on this EMP issue, how an emp would affect pv solar panels, and 2 cases, still connected to the grid or disconnected via a spade switch. Assume in all cases the the panels and rails are grounded at least to a ground rod and maybe to the entire facility electrical service. I am thinking only of residences ChatGPT

In the event of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP), whether caused by a natural occurrence like a solar flare or a human-made device, the impact on photovoltaic (PV) solar panels would depend on various factors, including the strength of the EMP, the design of the solar panels, and their connection to the electrical grid.

  1. Connected to the Grid: In this scenario, the PV solar panels are connected to the electrical grid. The grid acts as a large conductive network, and any EMP-induced currents could potentially travel through the grid infrastructure and affect connected devices, including solar panels.
    • Effect on PV Solar Panels: The impact on PV solar panels connected to the grid during an EMP event would likely depend on the intensity of the pulse. If the EMP is strong enough, it could induce currents in the grid infrastructure, leading to potential damage to the inverters or other sensitive electronic components within the solar panel system. However, the extent of the damage would also depend on the design and resilience of the specific solar panel system.
  2. Disconnected via a Spade Switch: In this scenario, the PV solar panels are disconnected from the electrical grid using a spade switch or similar disconnect mechanism. This disconnects the panels from the grid, isolating them from the grid’s infrastructure.
    • Effect on PV Solar Panels: Disconnecting the PV solar panels from the grid via a spade switch could potentially provide some level of protection against EMP-induced currents traveling through the grid infrastructure. However, the panels themselves could still be vulnerable to direct exposure to the EMP.
    • Grounding: Grounding the panels and rails to a ground rod and the facility’s electrical service can provide some level of protection against electrical surges, including those induced by an EMP. Proper grounding helps to dissipate excess electrical energy safely into the ground, reducing the risk of damage to the solar panel system.
    It’s worth noting that the exact behavior of PV solar panels during an EMP event is not fully understood, and there is ongoing research in this area. Additionally, the effectiveness of protective measures such as grounding can vary depending on factors such as the strength and proximity of the EMP, the design of the solar panel system, and the quality of installation.

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