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Longhouse Cluster B Personality Defects Being Rewarded

stock here: I don’t want to focus too much on the “Longhouse” metaphor, as much as looking at this explanation as one of the explanation for the funk that we find ourselves in. Please ponder and chime in. I have decided that the “longhouse” metaphor is for communal living, as in….we are all in this together so must must pull together to celebrate and care for the Personality Defects. Seems like the outcome should not surprise anyone, but to a leftist, that doesn’t matter, they can always say “our hearts were in the right place”.

Now, she has headed on over to NPR where she can use your tax money to fuck up the USA, and belittle you non-understanding racist white supremacists.


what is this? Cluster B Longhouse psychopathology.ChatGPT

“Cluster B” refers to one of the four clusters of personality disorders as outlined in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). These disorders are characterized by dramatic, erratic, or emotional behavior. The disorders included in Cluster B are:

  1. Antisocial Personality Disorder: Characterized by a disregard for the rights of others, lack of empathy, and a pattern of criminal or impulsive behavior.
  2. Borderline Personality Disorder: Marked by unstable relationships, self-image, and emotions, as well as impulsive behavior.
  3. Histrionic Personality Disorder: Involves excessive attention-seeking, dramatic behavior, and exaggerated emotions.
  4. Narcissistic Personality Disorder: Characterized by a grandiose sense of self-importance, a need for admiration, and a lack of empathy for others.

The term “Longhouse psychopathology” doesn’t seem to be a standard term in psychology or psychiatry. It’s possible it could be referring to a specific theory, concept, or study related to personality disorders within the context of a longhouse, which historically was a type of communal dwelling used by various indigenous peoples. Without further context, it’s difficult to provide a precise interpretation.


This may somewhat clarify the Longhouse, but I still don’t see the nature of the phrase As psychologists have long known, there is a long-established link between violent personalities and left-wing authoritarianism. The mugshots of Antifa footsoldiers drive home the point. These are not mentally well people. They are the hideous face of anti-social violence, the enforcement arm of the modern left, and the political vanguard of our Cluster B society. And they will not stop until they have transformed the world in their own image. Enter The Longhouse Anonymous right-wing critics have taken to calling this strange new Cluster B regime “The Longhouse,” a matriarchal form of society that privileges the values of care, concern, and feminine social strategies. In an essay for the magazine First Things, the pseudonymous writer L0m3z explains that women now outnumber men in professional managerial roles and vastly outnumber men in Human Resource departments, which have outsized influence over professional and cultural norms. The left too is now acknowledging the emergence of the Longhouse. In her presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton confidently declared that “The Future Is Female.” And in an essay for The Atlantic, Hanna Rosen heralded this change with an essay titled, “The End Of Men.” Both were correct. But while some are celebrating the shift, our female future is not an unalloyed good. Despite what we’re told, biological sex differences are real. An imbalance between the two has negative effects for everyone. Taken too far, overly feminized leadership produces exactly the kind of Cluster B society we’re living in today, one in which identity is rewarded over merit, in which victimhood is prioritized over competence, in which anti-social behavior goes unchecked, in which moral narcissism is the currency of the realm. The Cluster B society is upon us and we must find a way out. We must find a way to restore balance, to restore order, to restore sanity, because if we don’t, we are resigned to a world gone mad. ChatGPT

The phrase “Cluster B Longhouse psychopathology” seems to be used in this context to describe a societal phenomenon characterized by the dominance of traits associated with Cluster B personality disorders (antisocial, borderline, histrionic, and narcissistic) within a framework metaphorically referred to as “The Longhouse.”

In this passage, “The Longhouse” is depicted as a matriarchal societal structure that allegedly privileges values traditionally associated with feminine social strategies, such as care and concern. The author suggests that this societal shift has led to an imbalance in leadership roles, with women outnumbering men in influential positions, particularly in areas like Human Resources.

The term “Cluster B” is then used to describe the societal consequences of this shift, implying that the leadership and cultural norms that have emerged are characterized by traits associated with Cluster B personality disorders. These traits are described as promoting identity over merit, victimhood over competence, and moral narcissism as the prevailing value system.

The overall argument appears to be critical of what the author perceives as the negative consequences of a shift towards a matriarchal societal structure, linking it to the emergence of what they term a “Cluster B society” marked by dysfunction and moral decay.


what is the metaphor of the longhouse? What was literally a longhouse in the past?ChatGPT

In literal terms, a longhouse was a traditional type of dwelling historically used by various indigenous peoples around the world, particularly in regions such as North America, Southeast Asia, and Oceania. These structures were typically elongated buildings constructed with a frame of poles and covered with materials like bark, thatch, or mats. Longhouses served as communal living spaces where extended families or entire communities resided together, often containing multiple hearths and compartments for different families.

Metaphorically, in the passage you provided, “The Longhouse” seems to represent a societal structure or system characterized by matriarchal influence and the prioritization of values associated with femininity. The metaphor suggests a shift towards a society where feminine social strategies, such as care and concern, are emphasized, potentially leading to a societal imbalance or dysfunction, as described in the passage’s critique.

4 replies on “Longhouse Cluster B Personality Defects Being Rewarded”

I had “Ms.” Magazine in my raising, at
twelve years old my stepmom subscribed to it, and I received the
indoctrination. I hadn’t heard of the
Longhouse reference, but it is so true,
that the feminization has dictated a real
Dumbing Down of society. I spake to this the other day, as State Department
Of Health ladies set up an outreach table at the Gospel Mission. Not confronting them, but conversing about
how our State is still pushing Vax and Boosters all the way down to 6 months old babies, and the mostly women
Involved have no idea about the tragedy
of this population reduction poison.
They must maintain the Agreement with the witch Coven of
women promoting each other.
It is worse than Ridiculous to continue with a false narrative of Equal Minds.

It’s a sad world all the BS being pushed at us for decades, mostly so some depraved minds can achieve more control. But it goes deeper than that.

Hawaii is heavily injected, I considered shutting down my business, as the personality changes in both tradesmen and customers were dramatic and negative, Many have seemed to improve, so there is some hope. Eat Natto!

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