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Puruse JAMA, A leading Indicator of the Lie and Health “Care” Abuse of the Population

stock, you could spend hours a day, their work is so slanted, and with obvious goals that are against the benefit of the average public. Remember when they came out in the injection campaign and said “you are not a horse, you are not a cow” i.e. don’t take that horsepaste to save your life. And when they said, aspirin was no longer consider a safe of effective anti-clotting mechanism, and you should not proceed with self treatment without the specific advice of your doctor.


State Approaches to Stopping Violence Against Health Care Workers

Then look at this arsehole commentor, swing what is probably mostly verbal “assaults” into “gun violence”. Shameful. New York.


Nina Agrawal, MD | City University of NY – School of Public Health


Thank you for raising awareness about gun violence in healthcare. While there is extensive discussion about criminal penalties for healthcare violence, there is no evidence that this is a deterrent. A public health approach to gun violence is lacking. We need to better define the problem and address the root cause. We need to require healthcare administrators to report data on all security threats, including weapon and the circumstances. Most mass shootings are intimate partner violence related, and this has been a frequent factor in healthcare violence. Please see my article on healthcare rage and shootings in

———————————- Now they are committed to publishing their propaganda faster, therefore with more deniability of negligence and just “we had to do it fast” therefore sometimes we might be wrong or not complete.

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