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Eye Health

stock here: it can readily be assumed that the eye sight medical community is as captured as the overall medical community.

My eye sight has become a problem, I have tried Lutein and Beta Carotene, and maybe I slowed the decay, but certainly never felt any improvement. A recurring topic of conversation is how people I talk to the last few months found real cures to problems that have haunted them for years or decades, by changing their diet.

Here is their info-mercial sales pitch….


So here is some information to chew on……

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4 replies on “Eye Health”

I don’t know to what extent you may have ever used cannabis. My prejudice about you, having been reading your work since 3/11/11, is that you haven’t and maybe always disdained those who do. I know it helped me with football damage, but also kills the reading addiction which I thankfully was raised with. Key point about the eyes. Back in the day, seventies, friends thought they needed Visine drops to get the red out,
as the advertising says. Okay so your nice red Circulation Enriched eyeballs,
benefiting from the dilated capillaries,
will now be chemically slammed to give the nice white Starved for Nutrition look.
Okay you’re not in trouble for your Druggie Red Eyes.

LOL you must be confusing me with that old troll “Loose Nuke” remember him and his always referring to “dirty hippies. I am OK with legalization, but not with big Gov using it as an excuse to extract more money from society, just let people grow it.

Anyway not meaning disdain as
acting snotty towards them, but I
picture you as the guy who is getting the work done and then pressing on when others, such as myself sit on our asses. But really,
I help a 95 year old lady who gets
injections in her Mac-degenerating
eye periodically. She still drives!
A tough ranch girl. I wonder if in
your tech life of projects, you have
chemically damaged your eyes.
Plumbing class taught us that the
PVC glue is there in your face as
you’re making pipe connections,
Also soldering and other fumes, bleach, etc. anyway wishing you
healing and Success!

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