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COVID AND Max Damage 444

stock here, not my opinion, but saw this at ZH

What’s striking about Covid is that every step was designed to inflict maximum harm


• Splicing HIV into a coronavirus
• Blocking access to hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin.
• Removing NAC from the shelves.
• No early treatment.
• Respirators that kill 90% of patients.
• Seeding nursing homes with Covid+ patients.
• Blanket “Do Not Resuscitate” orders for the disabled.
• “15 days to flatten the curve” that slowed the rate of natural immunity.
• Closing schools for two years.
• Masks that reduce oxygen.
• Shutting down gyms to reduce exercise.
• Keeping liquor stores open while closing the churches that host AA meetings.
• Closing hiking trails, beaches, and parks thus preventing people from getting vitamin D.
• Remdesivir and Paxlovid that are expensive, useless, and deadly.
• Launching the most toxic and deadly vaccines in history on a new platform that will never work.
• Billions of dollars spent on propaganda to convince people to accept every step of this nefarious plan.
• Firings, censorship, and blacklisting of critical thinkers.

Covid is a world war, launched by the ruling class, against humanity.

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A few other items (sure there are many more) for the list: The PCR test was a fraud; the up into the back of the nose ‘swab’ was an insult and an assault; empathy was weaponized (if you care for others get your bio-weapon injection); there was no ‘corona virus’ pandemic, there was a plague of lies, gaslighting, crimes, murder for money in hospitals, good doctors not going along being attacked, etc); the masks also were demeaning, and dehumanizing, preventing normal human interaction, the basic principle of informed consent was repudiated.

Yes the attack was a ultra crime against humanity war against humanity, but in my opinion, to describe the key perpetrators as “the ruling class”, while on the one hand that’s a pretty apt broad summary description, it also sort of ‘muddies the water’.

So, for example, more than one ‘commoner’ has blurted out to me “there are too many people”. Multiply those commoners by millions and you have countless minions who ‘believe in the eugenics mission’.

Closely allied to the ‘too many people’ crowd are the ‘we are destroying nature’ crowd. Again, while the loathsome ‘ruling class’ guy Prince Philip mused about coming back as a deadly disease, some of the people who glue themselves to concrete to save the Earth would give their blessing to mass murder of the designated offending parties.

It’s getting too late and oldster is tired but you get the drift: the war on humanity by the more or less hegemonic .01% has a lot of ‘commoner’ support.

Hey not as Old as Oldster, only 63.
We were raised on Jacques Cousteau on TV, Mutual of Omaha Wild Kingdom,
Marlin Perkins, and so on, John Denver singing Muhlenberg County, Mr. Peabody’s coal train has hauled it away,
and Rocky Mountain High— more People, more Scars upon the land…
So having surveyed the reality, we must
jump into the real question- What is more Evil, allowing degraded sub -humanity to carry out the Fruit Fly Colony in a jar experiment? Population growth, loss of food, population crash.
We have families that could potentially be successful, able to survive and thrive, but they are burdened with an
invalid, a drain on their lives and in cases where I have been the Caregiver for a hopeless non-person, they are only alive because we have a medical mafia
and bloated bureaucracy and scam businesses relying upon the gravy train.
Population management has from ancient times included purges, culling the herd. Those who want to invoke the
Evil of Eugenics should be forced to endure
feeding and wiping the ass of the blind and brainless kid bouncing in the rubber

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