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AI Is Not Ready for Primetime, But Still Can Be Helpful

stock here: so I spent 3 hours last night trying to get AI to help create an Electrical SLD, Single Line Diagram, aka 1 Line Diagram. Utter failure except for the the value of some learning curve, new potential tools, API keys and such.

It is clear that AI is pretty good at describing a process for doing things, which is always multi-step, “safe” in design, but looks tedious enough to never do so. Sometimes if you push it to the next step, it will take the next step. So here is the best SLD, LOL not even close to fit for purpose.

ChatGPT “pretends” that it can create an image, and takes you down the path, even with another related service that creates a multiple page prompt that is supposed to direct ChatGPT to specifically create electrical single line diagrams, and then when you question where is the diagram, it does the “sorry for the misunderstanding”, after considerable (45 minutes) time spent, on the entire process, including getting a custom prompt from another site. Disappointing, I could have created a good SLD in maybe 90 minutes by conventional means.

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