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Annenberg Public Policy Center — POS Leftists

STOCK HERE: heard of this organization before, it’s all propaganda and control. They fund Fact Check.

The Annenberg Public Policy Center (APPC) of the University of Pennsylvania, established in 1993, is a leading institution focused on advancing public understanding and awareness on a variety of critical societal issues, especially in communication and public policy. The Center’s ongoing funding is sourced primarily from an endowment provided by the Annenberg Foundation.

APPC is known for its significant contributions in several research areas including political communication, media and children’s welfare, health communication, and adolescent risk. Among its prominent projects, FactCheck.org is particularly noteworthy. Launched in 2003, this non-partisan platform aims to reduce misinformation in U.S. politics by verifying the accuracy of various claims made by politicians and media figures​ (Wikipedia)​​ (Annenberg Policy Center)​​ (Annenberg Policy Center)​.

The Center also runs educational and capacity-building programs through platforms like Annenberg Classroom and the Civics Renewal Network, which provide resources and tools for educators and students to enhance civics education​ (Annenberg Policy Center)​. Moreover, its Climate Communication Division is dedicated to research and outreach on climate science communication strategies, emphasizing both local initiatives and global policies​ (Annenberg Policy Center)​.

In addition to these initiatives, the APPC collaborates with various partners and engages in grantmaking to support organizations and projects that align with its mission of enhancing effective communication and informed policy​ (Annenberg Foundation)​.

For more detailed information about the Annenberg Public Policy Center and its various projects and research areas, you can visit their official site here.

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