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Chemtrailing Alaska, How Can We Prevent Aluminum and Barium Uptake

stock here, from Lot’s Wife. I am curious why they sky poison Alaska so much? Maybe to control methane from melting perma-frost?

Did you miss this action in the skies above Fairbanks this morning?

Supported by malign interests at the highest level of the deep state, aviation contractors dropped poison across tens of thousands of acres of Alaska’s Interior region. Independent research has identified barium and aluminum as among the primary chemical constituents in these waste-dump operations.

Where do you suppose the aluminum found in the brains of autopsied Alzheimers victims originates? In addition to uptake through breathing and ingestion, aluminum concentrates in vegetation.

Fire behavior experts have testified that aluminum nano-particles create extreme conditions in wildfire situations. Fires burn hotter, faster, and are more likely to consume more acreage in shorter periods of time.

Obviously, such conditions challenge suppression efforts and have led to catastrophic losses in natural and human-built resources. In the attached file, find a series of images recorded by FAA cameras stationed on the summit of Ester Dome.

The majority of photos look SE across the Tanana Valley. (Additional images were made by cameras in Central and Minchumina.)

New images are made every 10 minutes. As a continuous series, the Ester Dome camera provides evidence of repeated passes by multiple jets concentrating the poison drop above the Tanana Flats.

Engage in personal research and then consider the implications to your home and health.

Photos source (check daily for more criminal activity):


An accurate resource for greater understanding:

https://climateviewer.com/geoengineering/ /dy

3 replies on “Chemtrailing Alaska, How Can We Prevent Aluminum and Barium Uptake”

Back in 2012 Joyce Riley on her Power Hour radio broadcast interviewed Dr. Lorraine Hurley about ‘chemtrails’ aka ‘geo-engineering’ aka poisons and weird sh*t being spewed by aircraft into the air above us.

Dr. Hurley condemned the above ‘activities’ as being in her estimation second only to nuclear war as a danger to Earth.

She used words like “atrocious” and “pernicious” to characterize some aspects of the ‘chemtrailing’.

What really caught my attention at the time was that she referred to weird melding of biology and technology in some of the stuff being emitted above. She referred to Clifford Carnicoms work which had identified such weird stuff associated with the ‘geo-toxification’ programs, and weird stuff infecting or being found in people has been dubbed Morgellons.

Here is a link to a recent interview with Clifford Carnicom.

Bear with me here. Many people by now have hear of the weird rubbery materials being found in the corpses of countless people by embalmers, and in live people by operating doctors.

Dr. Ana Mihalcea is among those who is ‘blowing the alarm’ over similar weird biology-technology hybrid structures in human blood post bio-weapon injections and shedding.


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