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Women in Power

This all started with a ZH article, on how Women in Power are often a real problem. Source


NPR Woman Works With Female Mossad

Mary Louise Kelly, the anchor for ‘All Things Considered’ at NPR
worked with, or ‘shilled for’, Israel’s Mossad spy agency.


There are many strong indicatiors that Israel let Oct 7th happen on purpose.

It was done so as to create the outrage and support for ethnically cleansing Gaza, and
predictably, this would be followed by the same treatment in the West Bank.

The strong indications of LIHOP were numerous:

Netanyahu was three months away from annexing a large portion of the West Bank,
everyone, including Hamas, knew it.
Netanyahu intentionally antagonized the Palestinians by invading the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

**** Israel was in possession of Hamas’ *detailed* plan for Oct 7th a year in advance.
**** Israel removed the majority of it’s forces around Gaza just prior to Oct 7th.

Mossad had humint, spys, crawling all over Gaza.
Gaza was the most watched patch of Earth by satellites.
Plus! Israel’s own intelligence officers were warning — in writing — that they believed an attack was imminent.
Israelis watching the borders of Gaza had been sounding the alert over unusual activity for weeks and months.
Israel relocated the Rave Party into the known danger zone just three miles from Gaza; irregular pressure from higher ups overruled the grave security concerns of the IDF officers who normally were charged with approving or disapproving activities near Gaza.
It was hours before the IDF arrived in force after the Hamas jail break, Israel refuses to explain why.
But even before the arrival in force of the IDF Israel had implemented the Hannabal Directive.

The above are the familiar indicators. You should also be aware that, incredibly, Israel ceased the monitoring of Hamas’ radio network some months before Oct 7th. This is Israel’s stance, that they ceased monitoring altogether; but, more likely is that they compartmentalized it so that only insiders to the LIHOP were getting this critical intelligence.

Israeli media headline: “Unit 8200 could have saved Israel from Oct. 7; why hasn’t it owned up to its failure?”

This is where NPR comes in.

NPR, in the person of Mary Louise Kelly, the anchor for ‘All Things Considered’,
promoted the cover up angle that ceasing of the monitoring was a reasonable thing to do.
Her sounding board was the “retired” Sima Shine, former head of research and analysis for Mossad.

Read it and see that this was not reporting, but advocacy for an Israeli cover-up agenda.

Also, the NPR interview only dealt with the interception of messages by means of monitoring Hamas’ radio network.
***Importantly, NPR did not address the fact that there is sophisticated monitoring equipment capable of giving locations and numbers of radios being used by an enemy.

The radio communication traffic would have become volcanic on Oct 7th, and that itself should have led to a Red Alert. **Israel could have also seen large radio traffic taking place **outside** !!! the walls of Gaza in the minutes after the jail break and this would certainly be cause for a Red Alert. With the monitoring equipment Israel could have then tracked the direction and concentration of Hamas.

Listening to the interview, clearly NPR is actively assisting with explaining away the lack of monitoring.
This is not reporting or journalism this is actively assisting Israel/Mossad with a cover up.

You might find it interesting to listen and you will notice a curious thing.
At the above NPR link is a podcast of the interview.

When the interview gets to the real meat of why it was ok to stop monitoring
the Mossad agent is explaining and suddenly there is a hard edit. You can discern it easily.
Mossad is explaining, “And…”. And then the explanation is cut short.

At the 3:30 mark is the very clear edit.

“SHINE: But it makes sense to me. It makes sense to me. And… “

One reply on “Women in Power”

No Mo female Governors.
And Ritter says this was intentional
killing of Israeli Jews, Christians and everyone by the IDF, the Israeli army, to
fully enflame the propaganda. Just like
9/11/2001, except we’re told they warned their Kind to be away from the
WTC before the planes came. Larry
Silverstein made Double Indemnity Jackpot on the insurance payoff for
The WTC, after being recorded saying
“Pull It!” To command the demolition of
building 7.
In “1984” by Orwell, we see that the
women will follow Big Brother instead of
any family loyalty to their husbands.

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