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Finally, My Meme Is Getting Large Air Play. Classical Liberalism Is Often the Opposite of the “Progressive Woke” Kamp

stock here: I have been spouting this for years. What is going on is simply the Authoritarian types (we saw them on full display in the so called Pandemic) are simply using their tools of media and Hollywood to control those who often operate more on feelings.

Bill Maher is an unusual personality, he gets it and he doesn’t. He was shocked when he was attacked for challenging the narratives regarding the invasion of Iraq, and the “weapons of mass destruction”. Good on him for this one though, it will spread the word far more than my tiny voice, so shadow banned I think I am surrounded by Lahaina’s ghosts. PS I did make a conscience decision to not go to Lahaina, being surrounded by 1000 angry ghosts would not be good for me.

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