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US Cities, Crime Rates, and Ethnicity of Their Mayors

ChatGPT4o helped pull all this information together in a dozen minutes, which could have taken all day. I’ll try to make the spreadsheet downloadable after I clean it up a bit, and maybe add some information. 14% of the population, but almost 50% of the highest crime cities, why is that?

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As part of a Geo Info System exercise,
we utilized FBI crime data and presented stats in the ESRI maps.
Our border counties and Hispanic cities
are little dark pits of crime, even when giving the total number of crimes in
comparison to States with 5 times the
population, not the Per Capita statistic.

Got sauce on that> Or just a “it’s likely” kind of comment. The Mexican and SA drug cartels are definitely here, and even encouraged, how else to fentalize the population?

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