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Nimrata Haley, A Product of the Zionist Pyschopaths, Writes “Finish Them” On a Bomb As Tent Refuge is Bombed. Remember, The Intention Is Outrage At All Levels

stock here: Rarely have I hated a female more than Hillary Clinton, but Nimrata has rose to that level. To think that this piece of dung (no insult to dung intended) was ever in a position to run to be president of this once great country, is insulting to the core.

Not intending to add to the outrage, but I think it appropriate to point out the “outrage” of recognizing a “Palestinian State”. The absurdity of this is absurd. Palestine has been a great country with a long history, and in the early 1900’s was a thriving bustling trade center.

Then as part of the J$$ banker agreement to fund the entry of the US into the war in Europe while also fighting the Japanese in the Pacific (HINT it wasn’t 1 World War for the US it was really two, increasing the incredulous entry into a massive war in Europe that somehow the Brits and the French couldn’t handle). The agreement was that if the J$$ bankers funded the war machine, aka the Military Industrial Complex, that a Zionist state would be created in the early Holy Lands. And so they simply inserted “Israel” into the existing Palestinian State.

And now they pretend that anyone agreeing to the legitimacy of the Palestinian state is a horrid person. Outage at the Absurd.

Nimrata uses the Heart symbol in her quest for Genocide of the original owners of the land.


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