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Jul 30th 2022, What Was Your Lowest Point

stock here: going over some old “stock” emails

Open in browser What Was Your Lowest Point of the Last Two Years? Families Divided, Loved Ones Isolated, Hatred and Mistrust…   Amy Sukwan Jul 30 Comment Share I’ve been busy bee on earnings calls the last few days, but I saw this interesting thread on Twitter: OregonMammaBear @unheardparent What was your lowest point over the last two years? I’ll add mine below. July 24th 2022 463 Retweets1,443 Likes  

The responses, I’m going to admit, were in many cases heartbreaking to read: Kim McGair @kmcgair @unheardparent When one daughter went to school 4 full days a week (private school) and the other went to school 5 hours a week (public) and their schools were less than 3 miles from each other. Will never forgive @PPSConnect, its Board members or union.

@JuliaBrimEdwar1 @Drewid95 @EilidhPdx July 24th 2022 31 Retweets383 Likes   Put Children First❄️😭 @Sock_Collector @unheardparent When I was in labor and my Dr asked me to put my mask back on and I did. July 24th 2022

28 Retweets541 Likes   Breaker Morant (anti-de-boosting terrorist) @Brkr_Morant @unheardparent Having close family turn against me for being willfully noncompliant, thinking I was a “Trumper” (never true), or “radicalized by Tucker Carlson” (maybe only very recently) or “antivax” (also never true I’ve had flu shots for chrissakes) July 24th 2022

20 Retweets509 Likes   parrot fan @parrotfan @unheardparent Oh yes- another one. Having to have a beloved pet put to sleep, but not allowed to go into the vets with him, having his body brought out to me in the car park. Same thing was simultaneously happening to an old lady- crying inconsolably. More pointless unkindness and misery. July 24th 2022

24 Retweets395 Likes   Nina Farewell @Shenandwow @unheardparent Picking up my 5 yr old from our L.A. public school kindergarten last fall. He had had a seizure, peed his pants, and was crying and disoriented. They left him alone in a utility room. The school stuck his filthy, wet mask back on his face, even though he had just had a seizure.

July 24th 2022 285 Retweets1,772 Likes   Trish the Dish @TrishtheDish_7 @unheardparent Getting uninvited to my stepbrother’s wedding a week before the event because I’d flown to TX and “there’s COVID there” which was literally the day after I got booted off a flight (trying to leave TX) because the guy sitting next to me took his mask off to drink water July 24th 2022 9 Retweets215 Likes  

MikeB1974 🇺🇸- Survivor of the Inslee vax purge @Mike_Bosc @unheardparent My wife and I being Fired by Jay Inslee for refusing his vaccine mandate. July 24th 2022 5 Retweets212 Likes   This one I can sadly understand completely:

Read the 9th Amendment 🌸 @lawyer_like @unheardparent When I had a panic attack in the middle of class because I was forced to wear a mask and having my nose and mouth covered was literally unbearable. If you haven’t been brutally attacked and had the assailant cover your face while hurting you, I don’t expect you to understand this July 25th 2022 28 Retweets534 Likes  

I am not sure that I can name an exact moment when I reached a lowest point with Covidcon, because I had several. Lots of scared long term friends unfriended me for questioning something early on. My older daughter telling me that a friend of hers in Michigan had tried to commit suicide after the schools closed in the Spring of 2020 really got to me, especially after learning that another teen she knew had successfully killed himself.

My daughter was supposed to get an award for being the eighth grade valedictorian in Las Vegas during a graduation ceremony that got turned into another meaningless zoom presentation. I remember my younger daughter crying asking why she couldn’t play with the neighbor’s daughter while they were having a party next door and me having no answers for her. The nightmares I had when Phuket really started pushing facemasks and my daughter was afraid that I would get put in jail for being unable to wear one.

Probably the general feeling of disappointment that I seemingly went overnight from being respected and well liked in my community in Thailand to becoming some sort of pariah figure, a hated farang who refused to follow the rules on facemasks and probably should be deported.

I could go on. I guess the saddest thing to me has been the stunning lack of empathy for another person’s situation. People without children no longer cared about missed graduations and people without trauma didn’t even try to understand why someone might not wear a facemask. Pro lockdown people working on their laptops in their pajamas getting paid twice as much as before weren’t trying to understand the vast supply chain of workers that were allowing them to even do this.

People who never thought that they’d experienced vaccine injury couldn’t comprehend anybody refusing the “vaccine” for any reason. It was no exceptions, no excuses. Ironically those decrying others for being selfish were usually the ones benefitting the most from the upside down arrangements.

So I am curious what your personal stories are. I think there’s still a lot of healing necessary. Buy me a ko-fi Like Comment Share You’re a free subscriber to Amy’s Newsletter. For the full experience, become a paid subscriber. Subscribe © 2022 Amy Sukwan
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