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VXX Deaths Accelerate Into Winter, VXX Is Failing And They Ramp Up The Propaganda

1) 20% increase in Teen death among Vaxxed teens in Ireland….I have not verified this one.

2) 20% death by all cause, increase in highly vaccinated Scotland, this year compared to average of last five years.   I have verified this one.   Spreadsheet attached.

3) Entire UK, 90% of the COVID Deaths are in the Vaccinated, and that is the highest age group, which is coincidentally, 90% vaccinated.   The simplest interpretation is that the Vax is not helping this age group the slightest bit, while putting them at considerable risk from the Vax itself.   I have verified this one, Image attached.

All these are backed up with peer reviewed Governmental data, and I’ll be glad to provide the backup to anyone who wants it.  

That said, there is definitely some benefit to the Vax for younger age groups, of the 50 to 59 age group, 54.6% of the deaths are in the vaccinated, and that age group is 84% Vaxxed.    But this is a far cry from Vax prevents severe sickness or death.   A majority of those in the hospital for COVID are Vaxxed.

CONCLUSION: THIS IS ALL FISHY AS FUCK.    Here is 31 years of VAERS data.   Of the 60 or so other vaccines, about the same amount of shots are given in prior years, as COVID shots in the last year.     DEATHS reported from the Jab are higher than the prior 30 years COMBINED, that’s not fishy as fuck, that dangerous as eff…..and best estimates are that only 1 in 100 or 2 in  100 get reported.    Some think it could be as high as 1 in 10, with the highest reporting rate I have ever seen claimed as 1 in 8.

My dad was almost killed by the Vax, and I have been very familiar with VAERS, but I have not reported it.


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