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Here’s the HD drone footage of Kyle Rittenhouse, with visual guides to show what happened during the Joseph Rosenbaum shooting.

stock here: I kind of ignored this high definition video. In reality, the aggregate of all the other videos made it clear that Rittenhouse tried his best to escape the situations, and defended himself when attacked. 2 final statements by “the prosecution” are that because Rosenbaum didn’t have a gun that he posed no threat. Well it is beyond obvious that if Rosenbaum could have succeeded in taking Rittenhouse’s gun, he certainly could have used it against him.

Second point was that because Rittenhouse had a gun, he had given up the right to defend himself.

OK Time to Throw DOWN: The prosecution has known for quite some time that they have ZERO chance of winning. So their choice was to create a trial that greatly angered the judge, and therefore to enable their “base” of Kyle haters to get even stronger hatred and outrage over the process and the outcome.

Soon it will be thrown down that Kyle got to walk away scot free because he was white, once again proving the systemic racism in the white capitalist patriarchy that we all suffer under. Even as the oppressors, we suffer as we knowingly oppress.

It seems impossible to even buy one’s way into having a real discussion with $1M!~!!!!!!!!! C’mon Y’all!

What say y’all?

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