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The Jab Is An Anti-Fertility Agent — Sociopaths At The Top No Longer Need Their Annoying Slaves — Replace You With Robots

This first site is curious, noted also they are quoting UN Data.

This site says that US birth rates have gone up a little in both 2020 and 2021 compared to 2019.    That is vastly different than other data from CDC.

So what gives?


Perhaps the UN wants to hide the Fertility Elephant in the room, until it is beyond obvious.    

And my new expected meme, maybe playing out now already, is that Population dropping is normal and healthy.

 The States with the highest vaccination rates also showed some of the largest drops in fertility

The December declines were led by states like California, which experienced a 19% drop that month. In the second half of the year, New Mexico, New York, Hawaii and West Virginia also posted substantial decreases, ranging from 8% to 11%.


Oh the mentioned meme has just been found, in the Durango Herald.   Ya think they
might have more common sense in Durango….but no they want to depopulate to “fight climate change”, on my. 


Climate Terror has been on the backburner a bit, but it’s coming back strong.    This phys.org article makes the beyond the pale studiest statement I have ever seen….

It’s shameful, as Kilauea is set to erupt again, all driven by the solar cycle.


“Unfortunately, the results do not mean that nature will save us from climate change”, stresses Dr. Gernon. “Today, atmospheric CO2 levels are higher than at any time in the past 3 million years, and human-driven emissions are about 150 times larger than volcanic CO2 emissions. The continental arcs that appear to have saved the planet in the deep past are simply not present at the scale needed to help counteract present-day CO2 emissions”.

It’s Waves of Terror that destabilize the masses, I wonder which wave we are on now?

One thing is clear, for almost 1.5 years now I have been predicting large amounts of deaths if a vaccine was distributed for SARS-2 (aka COVID).    As happened with all the attempted vaccines for SARS-1.

It’s called Antibody -Dependent Enhancement

The CDC and NIH and MSM is completely ignoring this, although it was well known and clearly called out in numerous science journals, including this one from April 2020.   


Epiphany today: The “Booster Shots” are guaranteed to happen with zeal, and they will make the ADE even worse as we head into flu season.  So the timing is “perfect” if death and destabilizing of society is your goal.    ADE can happen when challenged with ANY Corona-Virus, and the flu is a corona virus, although lib types like to immediately argue with their limited knowledge and inability to do adequate research that the flu is NOT a corona virus, because it is caused by the influenza virus.        Sorry libs, The Influenze Virus is a Corona Virus.   

ADE can cause death or a more serious disease.     

OK back to Eugenics and the Slo-Mo Depop


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