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Is This Siege of Hawaii Going to Ever End?


Is This Siege of Hawaii Going to Ever End?

By David Ware 18 November 2021 Facebook Twitter Pinterest WhatsApp Telegram

There is no end-game. An exit strategy does not exist. A way out of this current oppression has not been considered, let alone set in motion.

It has been a year-and-a-half since Hawaii Governor David Ige started exercising his statutory 60-day emergency order authorization. Nobody seems to care that it just goes on forever without any end in sight. – Advertisement –

A few months ago, the Governor had promised that when Hawaii reached 70% vaccination rate, all restrictions would be terminated. In reality, just the opposite happened. He doubled down along with Honolulu Mayor Rick Blangiardi by tightening the screws with a vaccine mandate that prevents Hawaii residents from living a normal life.

Do you even remember what it was like to live a normal life without having to check on the most current health department restrictions? – Advertisement –

The vaccine mandate which began on September 13th was limited by statute to 60 days which ended on November 11th. But the lack of inquisitiveness of the Hawaii media is surpassed only by that of the Hawaii Restaurant Association which doesn’t know or care when or if they will be able to stop checking vaccination cards or negative COVID-19 tests for dine-in customers.

Calls to several national franchise restaurants here on Oahu were met with different results. One said they would stop checking. Another said they would not. A reputable local establishment said that the mandate will never end.

Nobody has a plan.

They don’t want to put themselves in the spotlight by asking. Everybody prefers to slink in the darkness and let somebody else expose their brashness by inquiring. Or not.

The status quo is easy for those who have neither initiative nor incentive.

Some restaurants have just cut out sit-down-inside dining altogether by preparing all meals in takeout containers and allowing customers to sit outside without having their vaccination status verified. It’s obvious that the profit margin of local establishments is being undermined, but nobody has the guts to challenge this unnecessarily oppressive government.

There is no doubt that the authorities are more concerned about appearance than substance.

If there ever was a health crisis, it is definitely over now. The Governor of Hawaii realized that his presence here in the 50th state was absolutely unneeded when he went on a boondoggle at taxpayer expense to a climate change conference in far away Europe. Somehow, it’s hard to imagine that a 6,898 mile airline flight from Hawaii to Scotland would reduce the global carbon footprint.

By all means, Hawaii is not the worst place on Earth for vaxximania.

Austria, the birthplace of Adolf Hitler, learned nothing from the Third Reich and is now locking down all unvaccinated people. Today there were unconfirmed reports that they may actually start force-vaccinating people there. Vienna was once respected as a center of classical culture. It may soon be best known for those little sausages that you buy in a can in the market.

Canada has stormtroopers marching into Christian churches and expelling worshippers as they lock the doors. Sometimes they even hog-tie pastors in the middle of the highway if they don’t comply with government edicts.

What goes on in China, we will never know because information is locked down just as tightly as are human victims. But, Joe Biden and Xi Jinping are bosom buddies, so what the hey.

The United States of America has been known as a bastion of freedom for a very long time. Hawaii has the reputation of being a tropical paradise. Looks can be deceptive. What you see may actually be a mirage.

The brain drain will continue and intensify as Hawaii refuses to employ common sense. A handful of politicians on the mainland are standing up against the brain-washing of American citizens. You are going to be hard-pressed however here in these islands to find anyone willing to buck the trend and take the flack.

In what universe is class warfare preferable to peace, harmony and tranquility?

Yet our elected leaders here in Hawaii are totally unresponsive. They keep moving the goalposts to accommodate their greed for power. No one has ever held them accountable before, so why would they think the voters would suddenly do an end-run for the touchdown?

As long as we keep trying to barrel right up the middle, we’re going to win even less often than the current U.H. football team.

Ask yourself, where are we going to be at this time next year? When 2020 ended, it was like taking off a shoe that was too tight. But, there is even less anticipation now at the end of 2021 that the future will bring something better in 2022.

Does anybody really doubt that there will be the same worn out politicians playing musical chairs to become our next Hawaii Governor? Will you be surprised when the incumbent Hawaii Senator and two Congressmen get sent back to Washington again?

Nothing really ever changes here. Because nobody wants it to.

You will have no one but yourself to blame if you just sit on your okole and let things happen around you. Think back to a couple of years ago when you made plans for Thanksgiving and Christmas without waiting to see what your fearful leaders were going to deign to permit you to do. Those were personal and family decisions, not for elected officials to determine and impose upon you against your will and contrary to your better judgment.

Those were the days, my friend. We thought they’d never end. But they did. Forever!

In 2022, all those 2’s are going to resemble serpents!

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