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Kyle Rittenhouse Found not Guilty on All Counts

stock here: I am curious about the week of deliberations, and ending on Friday. I guess that means a full weekend to hire the BLM thugs back and burn some shit down. We shall see. My fear was the start of riots and the national guard ambushed as they try to mobilize. “On call” is quite different than being “in place” as they should have been.

On the above article, saw this race baiting comment, and said response.

Why have gun laws if they are not consistently enforced? Who acquired the weapon for Kyle, who transported the kid to the protest, why didn’t the cops immediately arrest him but instead gave him water and sent him home (only to be arrested the next day)?

I suspect if Kyle were black the police interactions would be quite different.

ef off race baiter. You have not done even the most basic research on gun laws. And the transporting bullshit, like you want charges against his mom, or did you not even research that. You bakas of low research, acting out of feeling –that are also wrong, are a serious problem this country faces, you are so easily swayed by the mainsteam narrative. He was a lifeguard in Kenosha, his job was there and his father was there. The allegations of who “acquired” the rifle for him hints at a “straw purchase” of which it was nothing of the sort, he borrowed the long rifle from a friend in Kenosha. Shameful shame on you.

Below the Embed, is a link that is Thread Reader App showing a dozen of the ignorant race baiting jag off that may actually believe they are doing reporting.

Sigh…..we have to be happy that finally, obvious justice is done.


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