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Sad Little Man — Fauci — 2 Minutes of Humor

7 replies on “Sad Little Man — Fauci — 2 Minutes of Humor”

Why ALWAYS a spoil sport?

Fauci probably has directed traffic, re$ource$, dictated priorities from his position within US NIH since 1984. What a curious start date! Bill Gates, benefited from decades of government funding, front door and back door, now serves as a “corporate bag-man” on par with George Soros [not his given name]. Siphon off billions from MS OS and other products, feed into your foundation, then dispense according to orders from “on high”.

Fauci and Gates are faces on The Beast, puppets perhaps now of greater stature and residual currency than The Donald (Trump). Sure, hand them both! Their replacements, under extensive grooming right now, will step into the breach.

What to do? That’s the question. Have any answers? Don’t post them. Take action!

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