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Wisconsin Punished With Chemtrails, Days After The Rittenhouse Retribution Mass Murder

Haven’t seen these in years. Running the HEPA filters for sure. Will also do a few Geiger runs.

Had to remove a Doxing comment from Jay Cullen, you know U Vic asshole who went on attack against Dana Dunford for doing independent research et al, it is an accurate IP address for his University.

Several attempts here to post pictures of the chemtrails were not effective….I have a work around, my Blogger site that has not been censored…..yet. Note to self, back that site up also!!


7 replies on “Wisconsin Punished With Chemtrails, Days After The Rittenhouse Retribution Mass Murder”

I’ll say this, having snapped a thousand pictures of skies filled with chemtrails, chemclouding over Nevada County, Kalifornication.

A few folks — older, very astute, spiritually advanced in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, long resident, some 40+ years — knew right off “something was rotten” in the US, not necessarily “California”.

A couple of people — Rosiland Peterson, followed by the reigning gatekeeper, Dane Wigington (www.geoengineering.com) — totally discounted the compelling label “chemtrailing”. Wignington “blackwashed” the “chemtrailing” with adherence and promoting the “global warming” hoax. Typical of intelligence operations.

I see chemtrailing here in Central Mexico, too. Weather modification is like “genetic modification”. No one had a choice of being sprayed like bugs, perhaps it’s best they do not know or appreciate, given the 11th Hour in which we live, breathe, and have our being. Die in peace, baby.

Even as the phenomena of chemclouding became in-your-face obvious to anyone with eyes wide OPEN, reasonable, intelligent people — engineers, Ph,D.’s, neighbors — DENIED their existence. Same to this day.

More’s the pity, all I can say.

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