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Hawaiians Being Used As Tools To Create Division, Just Like Blacks are Used As Tools

stock here: this highly promoted tweet, got 1.5M views….that means the Cabal really pushed it out there.

It is a blatant attempt to create division and hatred. Everyone not Hawaiian is labelled a law breaking outside….probably non-vaxxed too OMG!~!! The Horror.

And Yahoo has turned off the comments to “improve the community experience”.

The play the “safety card” and the “top secret military comms card

There are ZERO consequences that are negative to anyone, because some non-Sheep have the guts to ignore stupid rules and enjoy nature


full circle rainbow on stairway to heaven… can’t top that

♬ original sound – AntiNightcore

I find TikTok annoying at best, the dancing healthcare workers was a real tell…….

She gets quite a lot of views, as a Sophmore at Stanford. 4000 or 6000 for silly stuff.

So what algo gives her 2.1M views for this divisive presentation of non-facts.


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