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Kennedy’s Killer Killer — Jewish Jack Ruby Real Name Was Jacob Rubenstein, The Jews Killed Kennedy

stock here. I have covered this issue before, it wasn’t on my radar until the last few years. All the press gives them a pass, all except alternative media. It’s #FaF

Ruby was certainly informed about the precise moment when Oswald would be transferred from the Dallas Police Station to the County Jail. According to former British Intelligence Officer Colonel John Hughes-Wilson, it was Sam Bloom, the Jewish chairman of the “host committee” who had invited Kennedy to Dallas, who suggested to the Police “that they move the alleged assassin [Oswald] from the Dallas police station to the Dallas County Jail in order to give the newsmen a good story and pictures.” And “when the police later searched Ruby’s home, they found a slip of paper with Bloom’s name, address and telephone number on it.”31

In an apparent attempt to make it impossible for him to fulfill his contract, Ruby tried to warn the Dallas Police anonymously: Lieutenant Billy Grammer, a dispatcher for the Dallas Police Department, whose statement can be heard here, received an anonymous phone call at 3 a.m. on November 24 from a man who knew Grammer’s name. The caller told Grammer that he knew of the plan to move Oswald from the basement and that unless the plans for Oswald’s transfer were changed, “we are going to kill him.” After Oswald was shot, Grammer, who knew Ruby and had found the voice familiar at the time of the call, identified Ruby as the caller.32

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You know, I think Miles Mathis has covered this with far greater insight and perspicacity. Stock, you know this. If SOMETHING had not screwed up my Firefox browser this past hour — which now BLOCKS access to such “edgy sites” as that of Miles Mathis — I’d provide direct links. Not to worry, with a little due diligence, anyone can find the Mathis essays on the “Kennedy assassination(s)” [www.mileswmathis.com]. I do recall from memory a comment MM made about sharing a draft of his essay on JFK’s faked assassination to James Fetzer years ago — and that famed (and now defamed) Fetzer did not deign to answer! A telling tale about revisionists of history as we thought we knew it!

Now, about this “Jew” thing. Suppose a “Jew” is not a “Jew” is not a “Jew” is not a “Jew”. Sort of like an INVERSE Gertrude Stein. Where does that leave one? Whom to blame indeed?! Think about it for awhile, then look up “Phoenicians” at http://www.mileswmathis.com. Be in for a wild ride!

In the meantime, also ask yourself, did Oswald really get shot?

The picture of the shooting is #FaF Fishy as Fuck, looks totally staged. I haven’t got to the Phoenician level yet. it’s a special group of Jews…..for sure.

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