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Great Comment to OSHA On Mandatory Jobs, You Can Comment at OSHA Site Too, 6 More Days!

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This is all Fraudulent and quite illegal.    The lack of applying science and natural immunity being ignored is quite telling.    It is obvious that the Jab is not about protecting people, please explain how death from all causes is significantly up and they are not COVID deaths.    Please explain how COVID patients are sent home to quarantine with no instructions, when there are great treatment protocols using simple stuff like Vit C, D3, and B Vitamins.    Please explain why some lots of “vaccine” kill hundreds, whilst other lots don’t kill any?    And why are these logistically hard to handle lots distributed all over the USA, east and west coasts, south, and midwest when it would be much easier to ship a single lot to a single place?

The Furin cleavage site, never existing in any close relative Corona virus, makes it quite clear (at least Fishy as….) that the COVID is a bio-weapon released along with a 24/7 stream of media non-sense.    The early videos out of China showing people dropping dead in the streets, and hospitals with dead body bags lining both sides of the aisles are equally damning that this is a narrative of which China is a huge participant.    The early praise of the tyrannical lockdowns in China by the WHO was quite obvious in intent “tyranny is good”.    The videos of huge truck spraying chemicals fogging entire city streets was also laughable, but they created a lot of fear.  

Of the various lots of Jabs being distributed, most have at least the Spike S Protein being generated, which targets the ACE-2 receptor sites which are numerous in Testes and Ovaries, and that seems to be a primary goal, a decrease in fertility.    The massive amounts of spontaneous abortions from jabbed pregnant women deserves the highest punishments, where punishments that would normally be cruel and unusual, should be made usual.    It is already very obvious that a huge decrease in fertility is already being seen in USA and elsewhere.

The simplest analysis of VAERS data shows that in just months, the Jab had killed more people than ALL THE OTHER vaccines, tallied up for 30 years.

The complicit and participatory mass media, owned by just a handful of men, have carried water for all the lies and intentional misdirection.    We understand how Nuremberg only applies to Government Actors, and hence the intentional “method” to try to get other Corporate actors, and lower level agencies to push the Jabs.   Those at the top pushing this narrative and crimes want protection from international courts when the full impacts of their mis-deeds become beyond glaringly obvious.

And the lies about how the Jabs prevent serious illness and death, when ICUs have more than half Jabbed people.     And then the darling company, of the narrative pushers, Pfizer, is rewarded with rebranding a 2003 anti-viral pill which can be made cheaply, and then being allowed to charge health care plans $500 and up for treatment.    And it is beyond shameful that the FDA pretending that a super safe and cheap drug, Ivermectin, was not intended for people and that it was only for Horses and Cows.   And criminal to withhold this proven anti-viral from Americans.   Duly noted: IF there was a treatment available for COVID then it would have been impossible to issue the Emergency Use Authorization for the experimental Jabs.

The preponderance of evidence all points in one direction….the first year was all directed towards one main goal….to get as many people injected with as many formulations as possible, and keep them in fear so that they keep getting injected on a regular basis.   Then when dissenting individuals take their freedom of speech “too far” against the narrative, they can be given a “special jab” that either teaches them a lesson or kills them outright.

   Then another excuse like Omicron is used to drastically ramp fear again.    It is already clear that the South African doctors that detected, and TREATED, Omicron COVID list it as a “VERY MILD” disease, so the border shutdowns and ridiculous action by bad actor State of New York, are also very telling

People of OSHA, I am putting you on notice.    You, as Government actors, can be put on trial under the international agreements of Nuremberg.   The evidence is abundantly clear that these experimental chemical agents (mislabeled as vaccines) are extremely dangerous, they are killing people acutely in large numbers, they are likely to and and being shown to have longer term dangers beyond sterilization of people, and they hardly work and they are not persistent.  

The data is clear: The risk is high and the benefits are minor, and the younger you are, the higher the risk to reward ratio becomes.   See attachments which compare the death rates from COVID for various age groups to the death rate from the Jab based on 3 selected VAERS reporting rates.

We the people DEMAND that you cease and desist in these immoral, illegal, and unconscionable actions.

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