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Japan Prepares to Pollute the Pacific With Fukushima Radiation Water Dump

Radiological Impact Assessment Regarding the Discharge of ALPS Treated Water into the Sea (Design stage) at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station

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These bastards just care about reputation, not damage to the Pacific!

TEPCO has been reviewing the details of the design and operation of facilities for securing safety to thoroughly implement measures to minimize adverse impacts on reputation.


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For my money, the “COVID-19” was sprung upon us in cooperation between Western and Chinese elites with particular timing to stop the Japanese Olympics for summer 2020. Why? Because world real journalists would have been forced to see and write about Fukushima. Notice how Musk and all the new geniuses are Oblivious about nukes

Yup, Musk wants to Nuke Mars to terraform it more quickly. Idiot Savant. They had many goals with COVID and you have thrown down, yet another.

Down in southern NM, gasoline is 40 to 45 cents cheaper along I-10 than 55 miles away in Silver City. The cheapest popular gas station has installed a row of ten electric charging stalls, and yesterday at noon there was not one stall in use. Hey Stock,, please put me back on the mail list

Aloha, on my new self hosted WordPress site I have not seen an option for a mailing or following list. I will look when there is time. I have also pondered the perhaps 100 individual people that I have emailed with throughout the years and making an Outlook group on which I can send emails directly. I have noticed disparities of 30 cents in gas pricing in the Cheeseland.

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