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Are They Just Rolling Out So Much Bullshit, That We Can’t Even Focus on the Most Important Things? Patriot Front Video

stock here: a video is making the rounds, hundreds of slim in shape white men with identical clothing and shields, and with some bullshit attacks by antifa as they load into rental moving vans.

Stinks to high heaven. They do have a website, and it looks quite polished, what do you think?


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I meant to mention — so I’ll double-post I think it so valuable to read — Miles Mathis’ latest essay, entitled “The Real Divisions”. The first three paragraphs serve well to whet the appetite. [http://mileswmathis.com/div.pdf]

“As difficult as the past two years have been, I believe it was a necessary rough patch we had to move through. It has been extremely clarifying. To me, everything before March of 2020 now looks a bit misty, since you really didn’t know where people stood then. You really didn’t know for sure how
smart or honest they were, or who they worked for. Thanks to the big Covid fake, we now know.

“Hundreds of millions of people have now outed themselves in spectacular fashion, including almost all the most famous ones, which is very useful moving forward. A very large percentage of those who have outed themselves have outed themselves either as general agents or as hidden Pfizer reps. That would include about 80% of all doctors in the US. At the highest levels of the field, the percentage would be even greater, since around 95% of those in charge of the medical fields have shown they are in the pockets of Pfizer or other pharma companies. In the
regulatory agencies, it is more like 99%. All these people are forever compromised and should never be trusted again. They should be forever shunned as dangerous to the general weal.

“As just the most obvious example of the past couple of weeks, I give you Howard Stern, previously promoted as outspoken, edgy, and untamable. I never bought it, but many did. I have never watched him for even a minute, since I had no interest in his sort of schtick, but his numbers were said to be
quite high. Maybe they were maybe they weren’t, but his legacy is now decided by one thing and one thing only: being in favor of vaccination. That by itself proves he was always a fake. He might as well now be wearing a Pfizer gimme cap and ringing a bell. His leash is now visible.”

Much more written with an optimistic tone so soothing in these mean times.

Suppose the FBI|CIA|YourAgencyHere gave a riot and no boobies but they showed up? Jim Stone nailed it, too.

My [Jim Stone’s] take on the recent “white supremacist march” in DC:
Yes, I know they were ALL taken away in U-haul vans and that the march was 100 percent fake without a single tag-along left at the sideline after all the FBI trolls got in and rode off. But why is that news, when this 300 man FBI supremacist march was not significant enough to even make the front page of Drudge? The march did not make the news because not even a single legit person showed up, they ALL got into Uhauls afterwards, totally against all traffic laws, (you can’t do that) while the capitol police watched.
And they subsequently flopped in the MSM.
Why bother with an FBI/CIA make work project??
There is no “white supremacist” front in the U.S., and that march proved it.
But I guess I’ll mention it even happened simply because a few threads on a few forums refuse to die. I’d have never known it happened at all absent that. But you can bet I am a “white supremacist” in someone’s black book.

[Jim Stone continued:] HEY FBI: DID YOU CREEP YOURSELF OUT WHEN YOU DID NOT SUCK IN A SINGLE “WHITE SUPREMACIST” WITH YOUR BULLSHIT? Yeah, you announced this march and NO ONE outside your ranks showed up. How creepy is THAT???

I myself say, “Thin gruel for experienced CONs’ Piracy theorists!”

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