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Omicron — Gift From God, As Cascadia Earthquakes Ramp to Record Levels

The big “O” Omicron R0 Replication seems to be around 2.4, LOL exactly the same as the original COVID.   Original COVID ROE (Replicating rate ‘effective’) has been reduced by herd immunity,  so it doesn’t spread so well, hard to wager a guess at what the ROE is now.    This low R0 of Omicron does not justify the story that it will “spread like wildfire”, so that is kind of weird and I attribute it to scaremongering or just “making news”.

NOBODY, even my favorite mainstream but questioning Doc Campbell, has jumped on the reality that Omicron is a gift from God, and will reduce COVID to being a mild annoyance going forward.   Doc Campbell – below, he gets a million plus views on most videos.

Important note: When there is an “animal repository” of a virus, vaccination and natural immunity of humans will never completely eliminate the virus, because as is exists in the animals it will mutate and occasionally cross back over and be different enough to cause some trouble.    SARs-COV2 does have animal repositories.   LOL Deer in Iowa….https://blogforiowa.com/2021/11/13/and-now-iowas-deer-are-a-covid-repository/

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