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ESG Investing: What Is It And Does It Make Sense For Your Portfolio

stock here: Somehow this was not on my radar at all. So it surprised me.

My oh my, this is perfect for Social Justice Warriors, they deserve to invest based on stupid stuff.

They then invest in companies that demonstrate these values and divest, or sell, companies that don’t meet these criteria. These three areas are:

  • Environmental – These companies focus on environmentally friendly technologies or mitigating their impact on the environment by investing in green infrastructure. These companies may also emphasize how humanely they treat animals and use natural resources.
  • Social – These companies emphasize healthy social dynamics, respecting racial, gender and sexual diversity, and take care of human stakeholders through fair pay, for example. They also work with other people and companies that respect these values.
  • Governance – These companies emphasize how they are governed, including the structure of executive compensation, objective reporting to their shareholders and other stakeholders, and how they organize the board of directors fairly.


Look at this image search for ESG investing…..lots of hype behind it.

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