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The Pentagon Is Preparing American’s To Fight The Wrong War

stock here: this is from 2019 pre-COVID


Lets start from the beginning, because this is gonna take a moment for many people to digest. Then again, maybe not.

First, Deagle has the u.s. depopulated to a mere 70 million people by 2025. They give obvious bullshit answers related to ‘the economy’ and people ‘giving up’. Neither of those things cause that level of population loss. Deagles been criticized before as not legit, but there’s something more to it than mere FUD. Stratfor was caught lying when they claimed they never worked with or referenced Deagle, so there’s that. I wonder why?

Then we have a bunch of wackos back in 2010-2015 predicting a ww3 in 2020, where Russia is used by the u.s. government to attempt complete depopulation of the u.s. Apparently these predictions were from dreams, setting the dates in late march, early April. I’m not here for some Q nonsense or lizard people type shit, so bear with me.

Then we have financial types talking about rumbles of war in 2019-2020.

Then we have massive war games right on the border of Russia slated for, what date? April 2020.

Then we have articles talking about how the u.s. is apparently preparing for the wrong type of war, technologically based, focusing on knowing where the enemy is, and where to hit them hardest, as well as disabling those capabilities in the enemy. Meanwhile those same articles talk about how Russia and China are going on the far cheaper, and far more effective strategy of just building massive artillery forces and hardware, on the theory that it doesn’t matter if you’re blind supposing you can literally “wipe out a whole grid square.”

Then we have talk of North Korea launching potential missiles at the u.s, as well as talk about how our “entire grid is vulnerable to EMP”. And now, north korea is actually a vassal of china, and push comes to shove, if the u.s. doesn’t back off hong kong, then china will employ n.k. And why won’t we (the u.s.) back off? Because the CIA is involved in hong kong, and wants the war.

And whys that? Because the “red panic” was real, and communists took over the DoD years ago, from the very top, along with the alphabet agencies.

And if the u.s. ignites a war in ukraine, russia will be forced to move. Then what happens? A pincer move of course, a double or triple whammy by china, russia, and/or north korea.

And the u.s. can’t back off, because otherwise its opponents get what they want, which is currencies (other than the u.s. dollar) backed by oil and gold, and those moves are already being made. We’ve gone to war for this before.

More importantly russia, europe, and germany anyway, are coordinating economically, and the last time we wanted to prevent that we went to war.

But oops, the Pentagon is knowingly preparing us for the wrong war, preparing us to fail. Why?

Heres the run down: They want a slaughter of americans. Why?

Well isn’t it obvious? The communists in hollywood have been programming the public to expect the next shoe to drop. Red dawn.

It’s the only way the oligarchs can win against american citizens and all our guns. The military won’t fight us. Not enough of them. And too many would turn and eliminate the deep state’s leaders anyway. Thats not a problem though if the enemy is an invading force. An effective resistance means nothing if they can’t get food, shelter, or covert assistance from a sympathetic population if the cities have been bombed flat/starved to death, and the forests have all been firebombed.

If you call it impossible, remember: They did something similar in china already.

What? Yep. The leadership and the oligarchs fled to Taiwan, while the communists were funded, armed, supplied, and trained by the u.s. The same thing happened with soviet russia.

They do these mass slaughters or ‘socialist/communist revolutions’ anywhere where theres 1. too many people 2. with too much training and weapons 3. in areas that are logistically difficult. Just “cut, slash, burn flat, and bulldoze” society is what they do.

The banks, and whatever interlocking set of agenda/organizations and ultrawealthy old-money families, have all the money they could ever want, now they want privilege and power. They want to return to feudalism. Well “neo” feudalism. And this idea isn’t unheard of. The whole “agenda 21” plan? Removing people, removing weapons, packing them into cities, depopulating? All that crazy conspiracy shit we’ve all heard? Kinda ring a bell? What would you do if you and dozens of other organizations controlled central banks and the leadership of nations and multinational conglamorates? What would you do once you have all the wealth and power you’re ever gonna obtain at your current level? Well, you take the next logical step. You disarm the population, you enslave the rest, and you murder anyone who resists and call it “world war”.


So this pretty much sounds, and reads like more doom and gloom craziness. How will we know it’s going down for real though?

  • When we start hearing talks in the news about “wealthy people betraying america and fleeing to avoid taxes”, and restrictions or heavy penalties for leaving the u.s. Thats to normalize implementing travel restrictions. Also expect, as war grows close, especially in europe, more and more nations will be travel restricted to (and from) the u.s., starting with just the involved nations, and expanding in scope as the “threat of growing warfare throughout europe, the threat of terrorism, and instability grows.” Expect manufactured bankruptcies of airlines all over the world, sabotages leading to ruinous lawsuits, stock market fuckery, the works, and then expect the prices of tickets to lock a lot of people out of travel. As this happens, “because of increased traveler volumes on roads, busses, and rail, leading to increases in accident risk, terrorism, drug trafficking, illegal arms trafficking” the cost, time, and legal liabilities of interstate travel will be designed to skyrocket, so that most people will “just decide to stay home/in state.” When you start seeing interstate checkpoints for interior states, on the pretense of checking for illegal aliens thats when you know it’s starting, but it’ll only ramp up when war is very close or has started.
  • When or if it looks like Tulsi Gabbard is pulling ahead or going to win. Why? As one of the wackos dreams predicted, “a beautiful but hard edged women would take over after trump, and be revealed to be exceedingly cruel, disarming americans during her presidency.” That trump would be “the last president”, would make sense if the next president is in fact a dictator selected by the CIA (and it’s already documented that the CIA (has and is currently running former military for office, including the office of president). And it’s commonly held that the administrative deepstate, the communists I mean, sometimes telegraph their moves through crackpots. Why? Who knows? The high level guys aren’t immune to irrational mysticism and weirdo beliefs.
  • A massive pushback and travel restrictions, rolling back favorable gun laws, or new harsher draconian gun laws, making interstate transport, use, training, or stockpiling of weapons or ammo much more risky, difficult, and involved.
  • A widespread militia movement promoted by the news, in staccato fits and bursts, over years, months, and ramping up to weeks, allowing the states to get a membership list of the most likely resisters when the invasion comes, what weapons they have, and their strategies and communication methods, as well as lists of potential leaders. Perhaps all of this will even be used before invasion, I don’t know.
  • A second push to remove dissenters in mass. So as Obama got rid of low level people who “refused to fire on american citizens” (according to the official survey the military gave service people) and replaced all the higher-up people with communist loyalists, the new president’s job will be to remove the remaining dissidents from the higher-ups.

This certainly isn’t a complete list and suggestions are welcome. Maybe this is all crazy, and the crazy people always think what they’re saying isn’t crazy. Hell it’s even got references to crackpots and their dreams and ‘visions’. I don’t know. But too many pieces of an unsolved puzzle have been put together, too many to dismiss it all. Too many pieces have been put together, and the picture, the small bit it reveals, is maybe out of context because it’s only a piece of the bigger picture. But the picture thats being presented so far looks like something worth considering, something bigger, something thats not just more ‘the sky is falling’ nonsense, but something that has some truth to it.

I think there are communists in the DoD today, this very day as you are reading this, high up, communists who intend to deal a death blow to the united states, real actual ‘traitors among us’ who have for years plotted and actually planned the murder of millions of american citizens, with the help of foreign forces.

I always thought the ‘UN forces’ meme was bunk, and batshittery shared as psy-op material, but the more I look at it, the more I look at how many “wackos” and their theories that turned out correct, the more I see declassfied info that proves decades old rumors true, rumors dismissed as crazy..the more I see this, the more I think “maybe theres something real coming our way. Something real, and something bad.”

I’m not suggesting anyone goes out and does anything crazy. If you haven’t maybe you should consider getting a passport and not being in the u.s. mid-march and april. I got a bad feeling in my gut, and it isn’t food poisoning. Bug out or bug in, just be prepared and be safe.

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In my opinion, this post sets a new standard for PRESIENCE in published form, given two years or more before our first reading! I think the piece worth keeping on file and sent out to one’s correspondents. I shall do so.

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