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5% of the VXX Batches Account For 90% of The Serious Human Damage — It’s a Plan, Not Bad Quality Control

Analysis of 143,299 VAERS Reports, 5% of the Batches Account for Almost All the Serious Adverse Events

I’ll be backing up and then migrating to WordPress. Data Mavens may want to check the data and work—-it a Tome at 250MB.

OP with 8 charts that break it down in easy to see way https://deeperdivedata.blogspot.com/2021/12/analysis-of-143299-vaers-reports-5-of.html

This is the complete record, it’s a download link.

I made quite a few charts and such. no password


This is the whole record, most batches have just 0,1, or 2 adverse events. The special ones are in chart 2.

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