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Full Story Of How The CCP Shut Down The World To Get Rid of Trump and Achieve Power and Control

stock here: As I reported early on, the beyond suspicious movies getting out of China, made it clear that they were over-hyping the virus and their “draconian lockdowns” that were immediately highly praised by the Tedros WHO. This story takes it all the way. The story of Xi Jinping as a highly abused boy, is in the article below. Including Xi being publicly shamed, wearing a huge dunce cap and having his own mother shouting “shame on Xi”, like Iron Man, “now he gets his revenge”.

The WHO’s recommendation for Intubation / Mechanical Vent as the primary treatment, was the first step of mass Genocide.

I reported here (well I mean on my archived site that was destroyed by Google 6 hours after I reported my Kill by Lot findings) on Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell. One of the first to sound the alarm on improper medical treatment and preparation. An east coast doctor who did a video on how what he was seeing as symptoms and necessary treatments was far different than what was being reported on and what was being prepared for. He feared for lots of unnecessary death.

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