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The MKUltra Abusive COVID Caper Is Drawing To Obvious Conclusion

stock here: I have been seeing more and more excellent comments on various websites, this one from “Signs of The Times / SOTT”. Over a year ago, I proposed that they were running an MKUltra Abuse and Mind Control operation of the entire population, and shortly after that the Amazing Polly put out a strongly supported supposition that we were being tortured.

I know 2021 has been a hard year, but I see signs of the Covid Caper coming to an end. I think the coming deaths will be harder and harder for people like Fauci to ignore and hide. Many people are waking up to the fact that they will have endless boosters to qualify for “full vaccination” status and that these boosters are providing extremely limited protection–for a few months.

Thank goodness for Japan. They are putting warnings on their labels concerning myocarditis and pericarditis. They are strictly reminding healthcare professionals that people must be fully informed of possible effects and adverse events. More and more information is coming to light from FOIAs wherein people are finding out how Fauci and the CDC actively suppressed prophylactics like hydroxchloroquine and Ivermectin.

Thank goodness for doctors like Peter McCullough and Robert Malone who have given gangbuster interviews recently.

Look at the recent announcement by the CDC that people can test positive on a PCR test for 12 weeks after recovering; therefore, they’ve shortened the time in required testing. Another example is the NFL. They have admitted that simply testing positive does not equate with being sick …which has been the lynch pin for Fauci’s CDC since Covid’s inception. The NFL realizes their economic life is on the line. Another example is Las Vegas where I live. This part of Nevada has more “cases” than ever previously, and they just hosted approximately 300,000 for New Year’s Eve celebrations. 300,000 would be a typically “good” NYE turnout. Yes, they “take precautions” with masking, etc. However, 300,000 people in one space is 300,000 people.

I think everyone, except the most highly brainwashed, are beginning to awaken to the fact that you catch Covid even if vaccinated; that fully vaccinated people are beginning to drop like flies (I count Betty White and John Madden among vaxxed [certainly Betty because she’s Hollywood and John Madden very likely because of his age] who have recently died–both were reported “in good health” although their vaccination status was not revealed.); and that natural immunity is better and “vaccination” lessens that superior immunity.

Both Gates and Fauci have been quoted as saying that the “acute stage” of Covid should pass by fall 2022. I think they’re having trouble keeping their narrative going…except for the CNN, MSNBC brain dead. I think people will just start ignoring them.

Another example: many countries throughout the world haven’t been able to afford “vaccines,” and their populations are relatively unvaxxed, but they are not suffering huge Covid outbreaks. The “developed” world has been slow and nonexistent in providing “vaccines” to less wealthy nations providing a stark contrast to wealthier nations with busy hospitals full of vaxxed patients with blood clots, heart problems, strokes, etc.

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