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Delegitimize The Gov, Continuous Onslaught Of Stupid Shit to Distract, And Demoralize and Injure the Population

stock here, another hat tip to Lot’s Wife who compiled this, and nailed the strategy.

At 20:50, there’s a report about new IRS regs. The agency (it’s actually an accounting arm of the British monarchy*) is reminding taxpayers that they must report the value of items they stole, or gained illegally, during the tax year.


Announcements such as this are intended to create, alarm, confusion, and anger. It’s part of a long-term comprehensive plan to delegitimize government and demoralize the pop at the same time. It’s a softening up tactic that leaves people reeling and unable to organize resistance.

This is Lenin’s playbook when he and his brutes took over Russia. Same same. Today’s improved technology is a two-edged sword. TV’s hypnotic trance puts millions out of reach of reason. But we have email and web sites to edu and inform. The tension created in this mix is significant. Between climate change and covid scams pressure is building everywhere. For instance, highway accidents are way up yet fewer miles are being driven.

* https://aim4truth.org/2018/05/04/the-british-crown-runs-the-u-s-legal-system/

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