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Logistics of Distributing Pfizer Vaccine

stock here: Collaborating with a fellow researcher and reviewing this old State by State batch lot deaths. Wanted to circle back on logistics and distribution. Other researcher can gleaned data on Pfizer batch sizing, they vary, but think 180,000 as an average for the data on 34 batches that has been released. I’ll add as more Logistics information becomes available, if anyone has please send via comments or email.

stock here: I finally got decent information. One of their weaknesses is that they love to brag. The smallest shipping box is going to hold 3000 to 4000 doses. A ultra cold freezer, the Stirling Ultracold Upright can hold 720,000 doses, or about 4 complete batches (the COVID Vax batch size varies, but 180,000 seems to be a good number)

This picture is not the Upright Stirling Ultracold Freezer, the one below is.
Plugs into any receptacle, does not need special power!!
This is at Tripler Military Medical Hospital. I knew the guy who ran the entire islands operation for COVID testing and vaccine response, using the National Guard as much as possible. I am not sure I would have published one of my workers taking a face full of dry ice vapor, LOL.

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