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Dark to Light: Excellent Summary / Current Events

The following are examples of Darkness to Light: What we decide now will determine whether Earth falls into another Dark Age for 13,000 years; (Half of a Galactic Cycle) or, whether we Inherit our destiny, in the Light, with the New Earth and a Bright Connection to The Father of Heaven Space.

Some of you may not understand my words. Some of this information may sound very airy-fairy. Just feel with your Heart and you‘ll be on the Path of Light.

Thinking with the Mind may confuse you? Look at the Planet now.

Does it feel like we are on the path to goodness and love?

Here are some guidepost terms to avoid following the Dark Path:

WOKE = Bad Awakened = Good

Tell-A-Vision = Bad (Global Mind Control) Independent Research = Good (Search with Duck Duck Go)

MSM = Bad Alternative Media = Good

Corporate Social Media = Bad (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube) Open Source Social Media = Good (Telegram, Signal, etc.)

Great Reset = Very Bad (Global Financial and Human Control System) Great Awakening = Good (The New Earth, Nesara/Gesara) Nesara/Gesara = Good (New Freedom Systems, Finance, Health, Transportation, Energy.)

Pharmaceuticals = Death Alternative Natural Medicine = Life

Governments = Slavery to Man We The People = Governed by God

May your Moccasins be Filled with Light as You walk among the Stars!

Markus of the DesertSky

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