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Geography and Geo-Politics of Ukraine and Russia

stock here. I think these maps alone will tell their story. The Zionists controlling Biden are doing this purposefully. Ukraine is interesting because it is highly corrupt and they have lots of easy oil and gas money. Hunter Biden and no joke, his roommate Archer were both on the Board of an Oil company, getting paid huge amounts of money as bribes basically to $1B loan aid from USA and other political power considerations. The “big guy” got 10% of all these deals, just because. “secrets” being openly exposed in Ukraine would look quite bad. Maybe that’s how they get rid of Joe eventually. But I think first they replace the obviously and intentionally failed Harris. We have to assume it is going to be a female, and that is so obvious that I think it is wrong. Someone like traitor John Kerry could be installed. And then let Michael Obama be the VP. How diverse, the first male female of color VP….how twisted is that.

Comments and refinements appreciated. Geography and history are probably my weakest links. And I sure don’t claim to have this one, 100% nailed.

It should be noted, the installed leader of Ukraine is Jewish with Zionist support. And a search of Ukraine and Zionism leads to interesting results. During my search, it was noted that Germany was about 1% Jewish in Hitlers first 6 years, I didn’t know that Germany had 600,000,000 people back then, another de-pop plan…LOL


A reader sent in this comment

Back in the old days before the creation of Ukraine, W.Ukraine was highly populated by Jews who fantasized about creating a new Zion in that area. When Russians marched in after agreeing to divide Poland with Germany (WW2), the people that welcomed the incoming commie take-over of that part of the country were mostly the Jews. They became the people in charge during USSR. The Ukrainians and Poles remember the betrayal and welcoming in of the commies to this day. Jews excuse their non-patriotic behavior by saying they HAD to welcome the commie Russians to avoid death under Hitler. Then they avoid addressing why they HAD to support sending indigenous people to death in Siberia. The Jews have most of their diaspora in USA. If they wish to pursue that dream of a Zion in Europe under the Jewish Ukrainian president, then they will pursue it.

The red colored areas are Russian, they declared their independence on May 11, 2014. The narrative of the Zionists is that Russia is going to “invade” Russia, that is how absurd it is. Russia did grab Crimea, which is Russia. Note the cool mountain range which along with the seas, really define this region.
Oil and Gas, note the resources in the east, the Donbass
Looks like Ukraine is Imperialistic in the last 400 years, LOL

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