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Analysis of the Biden Handlers, Ukraine, Russia, and NATO

stock here, seen on the net. It clarified things for me.

It took several months of escalation by NATO and the United States for the mask to finally fall: Biden’s target is Russian President Vladimir Putin. Personally!

Indeed today Biden in a senile murmur has spit out the piece, he wants to “sanction” Vladimir Putin “personally”!

On the one hand we can laugh about it! So what does Biden want to do? Does he probably think Putin has bank accounts in the United States? We believe we are dreaming! Perhaps the ravages of old age …?

But on the other hand, the situation is serious: a real personal revenge against the president of Russia apparently fomented by the American president, more likely by the “deep state”, this famous “deep state”. Recall that when Barak Hussein Obama’s term ended, it was obvious that Hillary Clinton would be elected. And in Russia we knew that it would then be the march towards war, so much so that we know that Clinton is only a puppet of those who really lead America and whose goal has been, since the time of Yeltsin, to enslave Russia. Trump’s election only gave a respite, and so it was Biden who took the lead!

Vladimir Putin, he is the annoying pain in the ass! Just think, he allowed Russia to recover, to rearm, to recreate an economy that would allow it to do without most of Western productions. He even allows himself to exploit the “sanctions”, always announced by public officials with open mouths, to strengthen the Russian economy! He has recreated immense reserves of gold and diamonds and, supreme crime, has organized the rejection of the dollar in the Russian system! By the way, the real attack on Libya was precisely motivated by Gaddafi who had started to reject the dollar in international transactions. Like today’s Russia, which sells oil and gas to India, China and many other countries … it is paid in local currency! Putin must therefore be eliminated!

Yes, we must “free” Russia from the ogre Putin, we must “free” 80% of the Russians who support Vladimir Putin, they do not realize their misfortune, they do not understand that their happiness is the West among the peoples who they share their happiness among migrants with sharp knives and groups of indeterminate sex who proudly parade through the half-naked streets!

So, to bring this happiness to the Russian people, the puppet Biden activates one of his puppets. He will be a former clown, alright!

Zelensky, led to the presidency of Ukraine by a coup d’état organized by the CIA, has in fact the thankless role of dragging Russia into war! The boy sweats cold, it is understandable, he knows the determination and power of Russia, which is why for a few days he allows himself to contradict American statements: The Pentagon affirms loud and clear that Russia is about to attack Ukraine, but Zelenski , on the spot, he says no, the Russians seem not to want to attack, they are in a defensive position. What impudence! Despite this Biden and NATO are sending huge reinforcements of equipment and ammunition.

Zelensky, crumbling under the material and pushed by Biden, will undoubtedly attack the Donbass, these 2 republics populated by 80% of Russian citizens who today declared their independence. He will attack under pressure from the Americans, who are hoping for Russian intervention.

Exact calculation: Russia today declared that arms deliveries to independent republics will be organized in response to US deliveries to Ukraine. It is perfectly clear, obvious, that Russia will intervene in the Donbass to protect its citizens. It will be fast: a few missile shots on Ukrainian forces in the Donbass, period. Violent blows, on the one hand to liquidate the attackers but also to show that the joke lasted long enough. To date, no decision has been made to “march” on Kiev afterwards, Russia’s goal is not to “take Ukraine” but simply to defend its citizens, whatever Western propaganda says!

But the huge amount of weapons shipped by the United States and NATO to Ukraine could also induce Russia to act first by joining the Donbass. In early February, the Russian parliament will “discuss” the recognition of the independent republics of Donetsk and Lugansk. There is almost no doubt that the recognition will then be endorsed by the Kremlin, which will then give the green light to these republics to ask for the protection of Russia, which it will accept.

What will Ukraine do then? Will it attack Russian troops directly? It would be suicide, but under American pressure anything is possible! We will then see the famous American “sanctions” “against Putin”! And we will not laugh at it because thousands of Ukrainians will die in the field, victims of the madness and homicidal hatred of a few individuals in Washington and Brussels ready to do anything to satisfy their revenge!

A few days ago, I asked the question “We should free Macron” when he asked, in veiled words, the war against Russia.

The question remains relevant but it is not the only one interested! And it is clear that if some individuals were “disengaged” from their posts, it would be enough to calm things down! Zelensky without Biden will return to his palace and will finally be able to work to restore the economy of Ukraine where we are starving every day!

Hitler had a very relative “merit”, if I may say it: he sincerely believed in making the people happy with him. Certainly a mistake, but he believed it! But Biden? He doesn’t care about the people about him that he doesn’t even know how to point Ukraine on the world map! This type of garbage needs to be “cleaned up” (…) but, let’s not dream, these honorless individuals generally die in their bed … with the honors of their successors!

In any case it is clear that the Russian people will never know the happiness of evolving between migrants with a sharp knife and groups of indeterminate sex who proudly parade through the half-naked streets !! Not a few American or European units will force us to do so: the time when NATO bombed Yugoslavia is truly over! We will not lie down, that we are in Russia … or in the Donbass!

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I’ll have a new post that will clarify the Geography and Geo-Politics of the area.

This is clearly a Zionist push to just create instability. It may be the real Phase 2, or just distractions until they roll out Phase 2.

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