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Proprietary Charts: COVID Shots in USA Has Plummeted Off a Cliff. The “Program” Is Effectively Over

stock here. Also the Deaths from the Shots have effectively went to zero. That will be another article. It could very well be when my breakout story from July 2021 finally got legs and got spread widely by large voices….that the hot batches were killing people in droves and NOT being policed, not being pulled off the shelves. We shamed them with stories of death and incompetence and they pulled the hot batches.

These are labelled and I had to plot them by State size, in order to have clear charts.

Data from


Their “program” is over. Not only did this force them to pull the hot batches, it also educated the public to not take these COVID Shots. We shall see the longer term effects on the morbidity and genocide, but perhaps we all saved many lives by exposing the dangers.

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3 replies on “Proprietary Charts: COVID Shots in USA Has Plummeted Off a Cliff. The “Program” Is Effectively Over”

It’s good the levels are dropping but they still seem to be in the range as summertime 2021 averages. Some universities in complete defiance and abandonment of any sane educational mission are still demanding boosters for students. Government funding at work: he who pays the Piper calls the tune. Speaking of bad batches I wrote about this on Sukwan.substack.com under Can You Find the Smoking Gun

good substack, shall it be the last refuge of free speech. The evil that be have stolen so much it seems they have unlimited budgets to buyout organizations and run them as controlled opposition or dismantle them.

I signed up, sorry just for free now.

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