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They Have Pulled The Hot Batches, They Have Stopped Killing Shot Takers!!!

The Deaths from the Shots have effectively went to zero. Even though they are still giving about 500,000 shots per day in USA.

It could very well be when my breakout story from July 2021 finally got legs and got spread widely by large voices….that the hot batches were killing people in droves and NOT being policed, not being pulled off the shelves. We shamed them with stories of death and incompetence and they pulled the hot batches.

Their “program” is over. Not only did this force them to pull the hot batches, it also educated the public to not take these COVID Shots. We shall see the longer term effects on the morbidity and genocide, but perhaps we all saved many lives by exposing the dangers.

There is also some potential that they are just removing death reports.

2 replies on “They Have Pulled The Hot Batches, They Have Stopped Killing Shot Takers!!!”

You are failing to realize that the point was never instant death.. If the shots killed people to quickly, then it would be more easily linked.. As it has been.. However many other shots still contained GO and spike, just at lower concentrations.. So they don’t harm straight away, but the longer term effects, such as heart and lung disease as well as cancers will continue to climb.

Totally with you on that brother. I came out with that theory last summer….quick kill of the weakest useless eaters (to preserve money to steal) and then a slow depop, say over 30 years by a 5 to 10% decrease in fertility, in which they replace us with robots and AI to retain their wealth, power, privilege without having to listen to their annoying little slaves.

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