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Freedom Convoy, a Slice of Life From a Participant

stock here: who ordered the police to block the onramps to prevent logistic resupply of the Convoy? And why the hell did any police or civil servants obey? Make a list of their names, they are the same ones willing to put a jack boot on your neck.

What do you think? Why has USA not had similar pushback?

GuardianofHumanity21 hr ago
instagram also has some great official convoy feeds to see the daily videos and images. so just as a side note: my family has been involved in this whole convoy for freedom and i want to share what we experienced bc it is being entirely misrepresented by the MSM.

We were part of a huge convoy out of Muskoka Ontario that had a massive amount of food and supply donations organized that our community took up to meet the largest convoy (that coming from the west). we were told to set up at the pinewood truck stop in north bay ontario. the police put snowplows and police SUVs to block the exit ramps off the hwy and our community was never able to supply the convoy the way we intended due to government interference.

As an agile group we simply went further east, down the transcanada hwy to cheer these amazing humans on and the supplies were sent to Ottawa. in Canada 60% of the drivers are Punjabi. this number does not account for all the other races who drive and who are attending these convoys as support such as our indigenous people who spoke Sunday and did a prayer service and have been doing drum circles for days in Ottawa.

For Justin Trudeau and the sick demented media to portray us all and I quote “racist, misogynist, tin foil hat wearing, anti science, unacceptable fringe minority” is the most hateful and purposeful statement.

He thinks because he labels us as such, that we are such. in fact, we are the very opposite. being in the presence of the convoy and the support convoy and all the people donating and making food has been such a beautiful experience.

it has been absolutely full of love, unity and excitement. the unity is what the elites fear most, which is precisely why herr Trudeau’s speech is meant to be as divisive as humanly possible without coming out and saying “off with their heads”.

Anyone who believes this deranged human needs to pack their car and head to Ottawa and see for themselves. it its the most soul filling experience. the love is in air. we the people finally have hope once again. we stand shoulder to shoulder with all humans across the globe against tyranny and the elites global dictatorship.

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