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Corey’s Digs — Lynn Corey a Relevant Savant High Quality Female and Freedom Fighter

Everything the globalists pour money into is self-serving, despite their efforts to manipulate people into believing they do everything for the good of mankind. This particular agenda is no different. They are “investing” in “changing” the minds of children (and parents) to control all aspects of their characteristics and behavior, thinking, emotions, and beliefs so they can mold them to be their future workforce in a digital world where everyone’s moves, access, behavior, words, and spending is all tracked through blockchain and a social scoring system they’ve long been building.

According to researchers at Columbia University, in 2015 they determined that SEL programs have a strong return on investment (ROI) over long periods of time, stating that the programs generated an average return of $11 per $1 invested. Here is the full study which was funded by the NoVo Foundation, a foundation that is controlled by Peter Buffet with the initial donation from his father Warren of 350,000 shares (valued at $1 million) of Berkshire Hathaway.

Those involved in furthering this agenda, insist that “character” is what is most important when it comes to school, career, and life success, and under the guise of the need to change ones “character” they advocate for policy change to promote social and economic change. Whereas ones “character” certainly plays an important role in life, these folks want to bend it to their benefit.

According to Professor James J. Heckman, “Starting early gives a greater return. Investment in high-quality, early childhood development from birth – it makes dollars and sense.” Heckman has served as the Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago, where he directs the Economics Research Center and the Center for the Economics of Human Development, since 1973. It’s no coincidence that CASEL (co-founded by Eileen Rockefeller Growald) is based out of Chicago, or that the Rockefellers have deep ties in Chicago, including the fact that John D. Rockefeller was the founder of the University of Chicago.

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