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Medical Kidnapping

stock here: The Authoritarian medical response of the last 2 years, have emboldened the authoritarian types within the medical community. We are in a dangerous place here, on a number of fronts.

Glad that Mandy is posting on Odysee. We all need to really think hard about not doing what is easy, and to avoid the massive censors that be. YouTube, Twitter, Facebook. Mandy does get one thing wrong, she says its “all in the cause of money”, but it goes beyond greed, to a darker place of the human pysche, those who desire to control and those that want to both be controlled and follow the orders of those control freaks.


stock here: as if we needed something else to “distract us”.

Childers warns that he’s not a doctor and that he’s not offering medical advice.

When his office gets calls from concerned family members, the patient in question is already on a ventilator and the family is desperately concerned about treatment.

“In many cases, the hospitals have refused to release the patient, citing their unstable condition, meaning that at some point it can become impossible to get off the COVID express,” Childers wrote in his blog.

“The most common complaints we get include that patients are being pressured to accept Remdesivir, have been given Remdesivir even though they objected to it, or the hospital will not administer alternative widely-used treatments even though the patient is in critical condition where side effects are less risky than imminent death.

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