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stock here: Amazing, the MSM has reported (1) Vaccine Death confirmed by a Coroner. But the story is larger than just that. It lays bare the medical malpractice that is exasperated by the illegal and criminal COVID response. This young man was dying, and he was repeatedly diagnosed with a nasal infection. He kept making trip after trip to the emergency room. Note that. Why did he not have a primary care physician who may have been less dismissive and ran more tests?

Some simple blood tests should be done on any vaxxed person presenting with unusual signs…..Blood tests. Blood tests used to diagnose or confirm myocarditis include a complete blood count and a test to check the levels of certain proteins (enzymes) that signal heart muscle damage. Other blood tests can be done to determine if you have antibodies against viruses and other organisms that might cause a myocarditis-related infection.

The young man may have been embarrassed about admitting any heart type problems as he was overweight and “a gamer” aka sedentary.

And here are a bunch of other ways of diagnosing myocarditis–


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