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Klaus Schwab Introduces His New Indoctrinees (2021)

stock here: Can you spot Klaus in the photo?

There are 6 black males, 1 from Africa, visiting USA.

There are 5 white males, 2 live in the USA, 2 are Jewish (1 works with LGBTQ, another is a French citizen, doesn’t live in USA and has a hyphenated last name. Note also the Liam Sobey, from one of the richest families in Canada and they have the second largest control over food in Canada, a 4 generation dynasty.

The other white guy, the only one from USA leads the $50B Rockefeller Capital Management. Kaufman is an alternate spelling of Ashkenazic. Jewish.

Below, the pictures, I will list all their names and a short description. Note the third lady, Vasudha Vats a youngish Pfizer VP….where have I heard of that company before. She actually lists the WEF on her LinkedIn CV


It’s kind of fishy, this 2015 Pfizer strategy on “Global Vaccines”, Oncology, and Consumer Healthcare. Just what the heck is a Global Vaccine….oh, now we know!


Liam Sobey and Kosher, it’s a food dynasty spanning 4 generations.


Four generations of Sobeys have run Empire Co. Ltd., parent of the Sobeys grocery chain, since its founding in 1907—most recently Paul, for the 15 years leading up to 2013. Since then, things have been going downhill. Paul’s successor, Marc Poulin, was fired last year and replaced by CFO François Vimard until recruiting former Canadian Tire Corp chief executive Michael Medline for the role permanently. Medline is now tasked with rectifying company’s troubles, which started with the 2013 acquisition of Canada Safeway, the 213-store chain covering Western Canada—one of Paul Sobey’s last acts before stepping down.

The $5.8-billion price tag was, it appears, excessive; the subsequent integration, botched. Sobeys changed the things Safeway customers, employees and suppliers didn’t want changed, like house brands, point-of-sale systems and long-standing relationships, and didn’t alter those that needed refreshing, like the fading state of the stores. Plus, the oil price crash and subsequent recession in Alberta drove customers to discount competitors. In the past two quarters, same-store sales in Sobeys’ Western business unit, which includes Safeway and Sobeys stores, fell 3.6% and 3.9%, respectively. Empire lost $2.1 billion in fiscal 2016, a sum that will take a long time to recoup in such a low-margin business. In two moves last year, the company lopped $2.9 billion off Safeway’s book value—half what it paid for the business.

But early reactions to a restructuring program known as Project Sunrise is bringing much-needed optimism for the company and its shareholders. The company’s stock rose 1.88% in October following news that Sobeys was cutting 75 executive positions. The cuts are part of the grocers effort to cut $500 million in annual costs.

Though David and Donald Sobey retired as directors in 2015, five family members still sit on Empire’s 13-member board.

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