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Questions About COVID and Esp. The VXX

Without using governmental data, answer the following:

1. What is the R0 of COVID-19?

2. What is the actual case fatality rate of COVID-19?

3. Apart from vaccination, what are reported treatment regimens for the management of COVID-19 and what is their efficacy?

4. What is antibody dependent enhancement and how does that potentially relate to COVID-19? Has it ever happened before?

5. What is the actual mechanism for mRNA vaccine?

6. What is the clinical history behind mRNA vaccines and their development?

7. What is the spike protein and its role with regard to the pathogenesis of COVID-19?

8. With regard to the vaccine, what is the biodistribution of the spike protein?

9. What is the half-life of the spike protein?

10. Other than the intent of the spike protein inoculation, what are its other proven biological activities?

11. Who is a vaccine intended to protect & does the vaccine prevent one from becoming infected and shedding pathogen? Why or why not?

12.What is antigenic shift and how does that play a role with the current offerings of vaccines as well as the current strategy to “vaccinate our way out of the current medical hellscape”?

13.What is the difference between the spike protein (S) and the nucleocapsid complex(N) and how does that apply to vaccines and / or innate & acquired / adaptive immunity?

14. What is a prion?  Is that relevant to SARS-CoV2?

15.In terms of COVID naive and survivors, what is the cross-reactivity of T-cell epitopes?

16.Has vaccinate our way out of a pandemic ever worked?

17. What is Marek’s disease and how may it relate to the current situation?

18. Is there any relationship between SARS-COv2 & HIV?

19. What is Marek’s disease and how is that relevant to SARS-CoV-2?

Until you can answer these questions, it is your duty as a healthcare provider to be skeptical.

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