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Ottawa Council Zoom Meeting Leaked. TheY Admit That The Truckers are a Threat to Their Regime

Ottawa city council’s zoom meeting leaked. pic.twitter.com/Y7yIf54bMw

— Citizen 1 (@citizen1448) February 7, 2022

#1: They showed up in the Heart of Canadian Darkness, the belly of the beast, the seat of the national government, right in the middle of Ottawa, Canada’s version of DC. The central lesson of the Freedom Convoy is this: truly gain the attention of the elites, we have to go to their house and make them uncomfortable. The formula for success is to make ignoring us – which they would otherwise do if given the option – impossible.

Ottawa City Council: “Our city is under siege… they are terrorizing our residents… torturing them with incessant honking… preventing them from leading their lives… This group is a threat to our democracy.”

#2: Despite the media’s best attempts to smear the participants as “racists,” “terrorists,” etc. (as they always do), the truckers and their supporters come from diverse working-class backgrounds. They are transparently non-violent non-extremists. They’re farmers and truckers of various races – a universally respectable, sympathetic, hard-to-pigeonhole group. Contrasted with the governing class ghouls in opposition to them, they look all the more appealing to the public eye.

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