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In 2022 Hawaii, So Far 1600 Earthquakes Including Large One Off Maui. Sometimes Minutes Apart, Never More Than 6 Hours Apart

stock here. You never really know what you are going to get when you start with some original research. I have programmed code that automatically creates a chart with days between Earthquakes and then 6 and 9 Rolling Averages on that Data. For Hawaii I switched it to hours between quakes and check the results. I also turned them into 2 movies, maybe you like one of the movie more. 1 shows the huge Maui Earthquake. Drop a comment, what do you think. A look a the two multi-day swarms of earthquakes.

First screencap is from a few days ago. Almost all the Long Duration (4 to 6 hour) lulls occur at the Combined Magma Chamber which the movies will make totally obvious.

Below is just something I tried, plotting time and magnitude. I don’t really grok any clear lesson from this one, but maybe someone else will spot a pattern. Some large quake aftershock or prior shock analysis could be interesting.

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